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OTTAWA, Ontario, November 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to secure up to five “Vaccine Logistics Service Provider(s)” to quickly deliver up to “358 million doses” of various COVID-19 vaccines over the next two years. 

According to a now-closed Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP), the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) under the Trudeau government “has a requirement for one or more Logistics Service Providers (LSP) to deliver a broad range of end-to-end logistics and support services, on an as and when required basis, for the execution of its vaccine logistics strategy.”

The federal government says the need for such a large-scale logistics operation for vaccine delivery is “being put in place by Canada as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is the entity behind the procurement process, which is to be awarded by November 23 to various successful bidders. 

The winning LSP’s will be tasked with helping to distribute millions of “multiple” COVID-19 candidates, according to Annex A of the NPP.

“The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has established agreements with AstraZeneca, Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline, Novovax, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Medicago and Moderna to ensure up to 358 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine candidates,” reads Annex A.

Some of the federal government's potential COVID-19 vaccine candidates are being developed using cell lines developed from tissue from aborted babies

Moderna and AstraZeneca  are using the HEK-293 cell line, which was derived from kidney tissue taken from a healthy baby who was aborted in the Netherlands in the 1970s, and Johnson & Johnson is using the PER.C6 cell line, which was developed from retinal tissue from a baby aborted in the 1980s.

The GlaxoSmithKline, Novovax, Sanofi, Pfizer, and Medicago trial COVID-19 vaccines apparently are not using such cell lines in the development of their vaccines.

In May, a group of Canadian Catholic bishops, doctors, and scholars sent a joint letter to Trudeau calling for his government to fund a coronavirus vaccine that does not use cell lines from aborted babies in its development.

Annex A of the NPP states that the “bulk of this work” is to include a “range of services and activities related to the safe management and timely distribution of COVID-19 vaccines across Canada, including to remote and isolated communities, and to Canadians serving abroad.”

“The Canadian government is seeking logistics providers to distribute millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines, including one that has to be kept at minus 80 degrees Celsius (minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit),” Annex A reads. 

The NPP goes on to state that given the “the urgency,” of the COVID-19 situation in Canada, LSPs must be able to “clearly demonstrate their capability and capacity to commence work by December 15.”

The federal government says that COVID-19 vaccines are to arrive in Canada “in a phased or sequenced manner throughout 2021, where the initial phase of roll-out will have a limited availability of supply.”

Annex A goes on to state that the deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines will go beyond 2021, and into 2022.

“Deliveries will occur throughout the calendar year and may be extended into 2022. The final number and quantities of vaccines may change over time. There may be additional vaccines to come in the future, the specifications and handling requirements for each will be communicated to the LSP in a timely manner,” states Annex A. 

No COVID-19 vaccine has yet to be approved by Health Canada despite the fact the NPP lists the possibility that delivery might commence by December 15. 

In the spring, Trudeau said he needed time to “reflect” about the possibility of making a coronavirus vaccine mandatory in Canada if and when it becomes available.

At the time, Ted Kuntz, president of Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), a not-for-profit society founded by families who have suffered from vaccine reactions or injuries, told LifeSiteNews that any type of forced vaccination is “morally repugnant” and unconstitutional.

VCC later launched a lawsuit against Trudeau’s Liberal government along with the Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s provincial government to hold them “accountable” for their “overreach and the draconian and unjustifiable measures taken in response to COVID-19.”

The VCC lawsuit Statement of Claim lists the defendants as Trudeau, Ford, Canada’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Theresa Tam, Transport Minister Marc Garneau, Ontario Ministers Christine Elliot (Health) and Stephen Lecce (Education), Toronto Mayor John Tory, and Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams.

The VCC suit lists multiple plaintiffs, including nurses and citizens who argue that the COVID-19 lockdown measures have negatively affected them in both mental and physical health. 

In addition to seeking to be paid for the cost of the lawsuit, the VCC is requesting that the defendants do not force any mandatory COVID-19 vaccine on Canadians, as it would violate one’s rights under the Canadian constitution.