OTTAWA, Oct 2 ( – The liberal media continues today in its canonization of former Prime Minister Trudeau. Central Canada’s electronic and print media have imposed massive, mostly unbalanced laudatory coverage of Trudeau on the Canadian public every day since his death. The three largest Canadian newspapers, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the National Post have devoted enormous space to the story. The Post, reflecting its new ownership by ardent Liberal Izzy Asper has far exceeded the others with 57 pages of almost totally Trudeau-praising stories printed since last Friday.

The grand state funeral will take place at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal with Jean-Claude Cardinal Turcotte, archbishop of Montreal presiding. With pomp and ceremony Trudeau will be honored by foreign dignitaries including Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro.

However, in a stark reminder of his prominent role in the creation of “the permissive society” and its destruction of the moral fabric of Canada CBC radio news has released an audio clip of Trudeau from Dec. 22, 1967. In the clip Trudeau, then Justice Minister and author of the law to legalize abortion and homosexuality, praises his bill as “bringing the laws of the land up to contemporary society.” He also says that he is “very happy” that legislators will not be given a free vote in the House on the issue of abortion.

Hear the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation” clip at: