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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier hosting a discussion with students at the University of Ottawacpac / YouTube

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) –– While speaking to a Muslim leader last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed “the American right-wing” for creating a rise in anti-LGBT thinking among Canadian parents in light of the growing number of demonstrations by those concerned with the radical gender ideology being taught to their children in public schools.  

Trudeau spoke with the Muslim community at Calgary’s Baitun-Nur Mosque last week while he was in the city for the annual Stampede event held in the city. During his conversation he said “there is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation” surrounding the LGBT agenda in schools, which he claimed comes from “right” wingers. 

“People on social media, particularly fueled by the American right wing, are spreading a lot of untruths about what’s actually in the provincial curriculum,” said Trudeau in the exchange with the Muslim leader which was caught on video and posted to social media.  

“If you look at the various curriculums, you’ll see that there is not what is being said out there about aggressive teaching or conversion of kids to being LGBT.”

Trudeau then said that online material is “being weaponized by people who are not doing it because of their interest in supporting the Muslim community.”  

The comments by Trudeau come after Canadian Muslims and Christians have increased their protests against radical gender ideology being taught in public schools. In Calgary alone, there have been multiple large protests held in recent weeks against radical gender ideology.  

In late June, well over 250 Muslim and Christian parents, children, and other pro-family citizens gathered for the second straight weekend in Canada’s largest Western city to protest the ongoing promotion of extreme LGBT ideology in public schools. 

The protest in Calgary seems to have been sparked after over a month ago Canadians expressed outrage online after a leaked audio recording exposed a teacher from Edmonton, Alberta, for lambasting her Muslim students for skipping so-called “pride events.” In the recording, the teacher also suggested that opposing gay “pride” events excluded one from being considered “Canadian.”    

As for Trudeau’s comments to the Muslim leader, he said that there are “people in the far-right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights and the Muslim community, but they’re weaponizing the issue of LGBT, which is something that, yes, Islam has strong opinions on, the same way that the religious right in Canada, the Christian right, has strong opinions against as well.” 

After the Muslim leader brought up the case of the Edmonton teacher, Trudeau claimed that is something that “is not” what he supports.  

Trudeau then seemed to suggest that older Muslims are more anti-LGBT and that future generations might begin to “stand up for everyone’s rights, including people from the LGBT community.” 

Trudeau then correctly noted that when it comes to jurisdiction for education, it is provincial governments that have full control over this. However, Trudeau then said his Liberal government is “unequivocal about standing up for everyone’s rights.” 

Seeming to contradict the idea that education is solely a provincial issue, Trudeau himself only recently tried to get involved in the education system in New Brunswick, after the premier of the eastern province announced his government’s decision to add parental protections to its “Gender Identity” policy for public schools.  

The Muslim leader called him out on this, saying “[The] prime minister is the same one who got involved in New Brunswick, and now he is saying it is provincial matters.” 

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre recently denounced Trudeau’s involvement in the New Brunswick schools case, saying “parents come first in raising our children,” and that Trudeau should “butt out.” 

The push for the normalcy of the LGBT agenda has been observed in Canadian schools for years but in recent months has been met with intense resistance. 

In late June, a large group of Muslim parents protested outside Trudeau’s Ottawa office, chanting, “leave our kids alone.”  

Another large anti-gender ideology protest led by Muslim Canadians, at which Christians and Jews were also present, took place in front of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board headquarters in June. This event saw parents and kids alike voice their opposition to radical gender ideology in the classroom, with much of the ire being directed at a recent gender-neutral pronoun dictate from board officials. 

Video footage recorded at that event has since gone viral on social media, showing Muslim children stomping on the “pride flag” with the full support of their mother.   

That protest happened only a few days after the “Education over Indoctrination” rally, which also took place in Ottawa, and was hosted by high school student Josh Alexander and pro-family activist Chris Elston. 

As for the Trudeau government, it has given millions of taxpayer money to fund LGBT groups of various kinds.