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(Campaign Life Coalition) — The Trudeau Liberals announced that they will be spending $4.3 million to fund access to contraception and abortion to indigenous people under the pretense of “health care” and “sexual and reproductive rights.”

On August 9, Canadian Minister of Health Mark Holland announced that the project will “help remove barriers and improve access to culturally safe, equitable, and stigma-free health services.”

While Holland dogmatically stated in his press release that “sexual and reproductive health services are health care,” these phrases have come to be known universally as euphemisms for abortion and contraception. Canada is the only democratic country with no limits on abortion or laws protecting preborn life. A woman can have her child aborted for any or no reason at all at any point during her pregnancy until the moment of birth.

“What do the Trudeau Liberals have against indigenous peoples that they are aggressively funding the killing of their treasured offspring by promoting abortion in their communities,” said Pete Baklinski, communications director for Campaign Life Coalition. “I thought ‘every child matters’ when it comes to respecting the lives of indigenous peoples, especially their children? I guess not for the Trudeau Liberals.”

The money is going to the sexual and reproductive health projects of British Columbia’s Provincial Health Services Authority, the National Council of Indigenous Midwives, the Native Women’s Association of Canada, and Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak. The government press release states that “Everyone, regardless of their sexual or gender identity, has the right to be their authentic self, which includes having access to the care that they need to lead a happy and healthy life.”

Taleeb Noormohamed, the Liberal MP for Vancouver Granville, announced the funding with Holland, stating everyone deserves “safe and appropriate access” to sexual and reproductive health services that, when it comes to abortion, are certainly not safe for the preborn children targeted for death.

Baklinski called out the Liberal government.

“The Liberals are such hypocrites. While on the one hand they publicly condemn the residential school system, with Justin Trudeau even weeping at a child’s alleged grave site, on the other hand they fund the killing of preborn indigenous children in their mothers’ wombs, euphemistically calling it sexual and reproductive health,” he said.

“Indigenous leaders along with Canadians everywhere should be outraged that the Federal government is directly targeting indigenous peoples for extinction by promoting life-blocking contraception and life-destroying abortion. Only time will tell if future historians will look at this as a form of genocide against the indigenous peoples by the Federal government, who dressed it up as health care. Something is rotten here, and it smacks of racism,” he added.

Health Canada’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Fund was established in the 2021 budget with an initial amount of $45 million to expand abortion and contraception for people in Canada who “face the greatest barriers to access,” with an additional $36 million added to the 2023 budget.

The Trudeau Liberals lead the most pro-abortion government in Canadian history, spending more than $1 billion since 2020 to promote abortion and contraception at home and abroad.