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Liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino explaining his support for abortionJenna Sudds / Twitter

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — A number of MPs in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party released a video Thursday championing abortion on the same day thousands of Canadians gathered in Ottawa for the annual March for Life.

The video, posted to Twitter by Liberal MP Jenna Sudds, was accompanied by a written statement explaining, “Our caucus is proudly #prochoice — and always will be,” and began with MP Patty Hajdu saying she is in favor of abortion because “it saves lives.”

The creators of the pro-abortion promotion then explained that they had “asked Liberal MPs to tell us why they’re proudly pro-choice,” with the video subsequently showing over a dozen Liberal Party members appearing on-screen to outline their rationale for supporting killing in the womb.

“I’m pro-choice because abortion bans endanger women’s lives,” said MP Joanne Thompson.

“I’m pro-choice because reproductive health is health,” added MP Brenden Hanley.

“Because our daughters deserve choice,” chimed in Sudds.

The rest of the video featured similar statements, with the Liberal politicians continually calling their support for killing children in the womb – which in Canada includes allowing the killing and dismemberment of babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy – as being “pro-choice,” without ever defining or describing the reality of the abortion procedure.

Many of the politicians – including MPs Adam Van Koeverden, Ya’ara Saks, and Tim Louis – reiterated familiar pro-abortion talking points, such as women having the “right” to murder their unborn children, or mistakenly identifying autonomy over one’s body with autonomy over the separate body of an unborn baby.

Shockingly, one Liberal MP, Brenda Shanahan, even invoked her identity as a “Catholic” as one of the reasons she is pro-abortion, despite the Catholic Church’s unchangeable condemnation of the practice as a grave moral evil.

Reacting to the video and the fact that it was released on the same day as the largest annual pro-life event in the country,  Campaign Life Coalition political operations director Jack Fonseca blasted the Trudeau Liberals as the “party of death.”

“That the Trudeau Liberals chose the most important pro-life day of the year to launch this video shows just how pugnacious, vile and nasty they are towards Canadians who disagree with them generally, and towards pro-life Canadians in particular,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews via email on Friday.

“They did this to rub it in our faces,” he continued. “It also demonstrates how fanatical Justin Trudeau and his Liberal MPs are about murdering preborn children.”

“They speak of the violent dismemberment, disembowelment and decapitation of Canadian children with absolute glee and satisfaction, like some kind of death cult,” he lamented. “The Liberal Party has gone off the deep end. It is truly the party of death.”

Fonseca also highlighted the statement from Shanahan, expressing disgust that she would call herself a “practicing Catholic” in a video in which she is lauding abortion.

“I’m particularly repulsed by MP Brenda Shanahan who had the gall to claim in her video statement that she’s ‘a practicing Catholic,’ in the same breath that she promoted child-killing,” Fonseca charged in his statements to LifeSiteNews.

“Who is her Bishop? He needs to excommunicate her immediately! And to instruct every priest in her area to deny her Holy Communion the next time she presents herself to receive the body and blood of our Lord unworthily,” he stressed.

Conservative Party of Canada remains silent on abortion

While Trudeau Liberals seem to be ramping up their already fierce and frequent pro-abortion rhetoric, Fonseca pointed out that the Conservative Party of Canada, under leader Pierre Poilievre, has remained noticeably silent on the issue.

“It is very disappointing that the Conservatives didn’t have any kind of response,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. “There are about 40 pro-life MPs in the Conservative caucus who should be personally offended by this shameful affront to the sanctity of human life.”

“To ignore it is dumb and misses a great opportunity to show up Trudeau as a divisive extremist and bully,” he added.

Continuing, Fonseca said the Conservatives “should’ve come up with a video of their own in response, even if just to expose the Liberals’ abortion extremism and insensitivity to people of faith.”

“It wouldn’t have been difficult at all to show that Liberals are being deliberately insulting to Canadians from many different faith communities who believe in the sanctity of life, including the majority of new immigrants whom Trudeau is counting on to vote for him,” Fonseca stated.

“It wouldn’t have been difficult at all for a Conservative video response to cite readily available public polling statistics on the huge level of opposition to mysogynistic, sex-selective abortions (80% according to the latest polls), which target baby girls in the womb just because they’re girls,” he continued. “Or to highlight how Trudeau is such an abortion extremist that he wants to shut down pregnancy care centers who provide diapers and baby formula for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, thus hurting women for the sake of his ideology.”

“Poilievre should call me up if he ever wants ideas on how to make a stunt like this backfire on Trudeau, and give him a black eye,” he concluded.