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OTTAWA, August 17, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals intend to implement most, if not all, recommendations contained in the homosexual-rights activist group Egale’s June 2016 The Just Society Report, the Globe’s John Ibbitson reported last week.

That means Trudeau will apologize, likely in September, to those homosexual Canadians jailed, fired or otherwise penalized in the decades before 1969, Ibbitson wrote.

That was the year Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberals passed an omnibus bill legalizing abortion, and decriminalizing buggery between two consenting adults aged 21 and over, or between a husband and wife. That age of consent for buggery was lowered to 18 in 1987.

But more to the point, the Liberals are expected to implement Egale’s proposals, wrote Ibbitson, describing these as “a broad range of reforms that will collectively represent one of the greatest advances for sexual minorities in Canada’s history.”

But Gwen Landolt of REAL Women has a starkly different view, warning that Egale’s The Just Society Report contains the “very, very, very troubling recommendation” to repeal Criminal Code Section 159.

That section bans anal intercourse between persons under age 18, and also stipulates that the act be between no more than two persons, so if repealed, group anal sex will be permissible with no age restriction.

Landolt stressed that because other sections of the Criminal Code do not legislate on anal intercourse, a repeal of Section 159 will mean, in effect, that “there’s no age of consent” for anal sex.

“The point is, consent is under Section 150, and it must be age 16 and above,” she said, “but it does not include anal intercourse as such.”

So if “you wipe out 159 without any amendments, you can have access to anal intercourse with anyone at any age,” Landolt told LifeSiteNews. “That is extremely alarming, there’s no two questions about it.”

By stating it wants to lower the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16, Egale is trying to divert attention from the radical nature of this proposal, added Landolt. “They’re covering up its real intent.”

Egale is also calling for repeal of the bawdy house laws (Sections 210 and 211), which prohibit “open, public sex” and “have been used for the bathhouse raids,” noted Landolt.

“But with those sections removed, you can have sex anytime, any place, anywhere, with anyone.”

According to Ibbitson, Egale recommends lowering the age of consent for anal intercourse from 18 to 16 because the current law “discriminates against and stigmatizes young homosexuals.”

The Just Society Report also calls on the government to expunge all criminal records for convictions of gross indecency, and to compensate individuals for “unjust government action,” and “unjust criminal prosecutions and convictions.”

Ibbitson wrote that “numerous sources within and outside the government” confirm that Trudeau’s Liberal government plans to implement those recommendations.

Other anticipated “reforms” will include mandatory “human-rights training” for “all police officers or others who work in the justice system…with an emphasis on the historic wrong of treating members of sexual minorities as criminals and on the current bias that all too often still exists,” he wrote.

Customs officers, “who still are more likely to ban homosexual materials from crossing the border, while permitting their heterosexual equivalents” will also receive similar training, according to Ibbitson, and procedures “to protect the dignity of transgender or intersex persons in prisons or jails” will also be implemented.

“Some actions can be taken immediately; others will take longer, though the government is committed to fully acting on the Just Society recommendations before the next election,” asserted Ibbitson.

However, the “Prime Minister’s Office would not confirm or deny the facts of this story,” he wrote. Trudeau’s press secretary Cameron Ahmad responded with a statement: “We have committed to working with Egale and other groups on an ongoing basis to bring an end to discrimination and further guarantee equality for all citizens. We are currently carefully reviewing the recommendations in their report, and will have more to say in the near future.”

In The Just Society Report, Egale thanks Ibbitson for his “superb reporting” on Canada’s past treatment of homosexual persons, notably Everett Klippert, a Saskatchewan man jailed on convictions of gross indecency, and the sole homosexual person in Canada designated to be a “dangerous sex offender” in the 1960s, effectively sentencing him to life imprisonment. (He was released in 1971.)

It was because of these Globe reports that Egale decided to “produce a report on how the federal government could comprehensively respond to past and current injustices directed at members of sexual minorities,” wrote Ibbitson.

His investigations detailed the past treatment of homosexual persons in Canada’s military and civil service, who were reportedly subjected to scrutiny and harassment, lost their jobs, were jailed or otherwise persecuted.

Landolt noted that there was “a law prohibiting homosexuality from 1892, when the Criminal Code came into effect, but that was the time speaking,” when people were generally opposed to homosexuality. “They didn’t want it, that’s why Oscar Wilde was prosecuted.”

And because homosexuality was illegal, homosexual persons in the military or civil service were particularly vulnerable to blackmail, and thus a security risk, Landolt told LifeSiteNews.

“We don’t think people should be jailed for homosexuality,” she said, but she contends that homosexual acts must be private, between two consenting adults of legal age — 18 and over.

And while consenting adults having homosexual relations privately is “one thing,” what Egale’s The Just Society Report “is demanding is something else,” noted Landolt.

“It’s wide-open anal sex with anyone at any age, at any place, public or private, and there’s no way that it can be controlled,” she said. “They want to wipe out any controls that will prevent them from doing what they want, with whomever they want, in public or private.”

Lawyer Douglas Elliott, a chief writer of Egale’s The Just Society Report, has just launched a class action lawsuit against Bill Whatcott for allegedly distributing hate literature, after Whatcott and his group crashed Toronto’s Pride Parade July 3, disguised as “gay zombies.”

Egale’s report also proposed former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci “be appointed mediator to resolve the many issues between our communities and the Federal Government.”