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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Pete Baklinski / LifeSiteNews

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VANCOUVER, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is increasing Canada’s global funding for “sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health” to $1.4 billion annually by 2023, a commitment that will continue to 2030.

Trudeau made the announcement Tuesday in Vancouver, where Canada is hosting the international Women Deliver 2019 conference, which bills itself as “the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women.”

The Liberals’ 10-year funding plan earmarks $700 million, or half, of the $1.4 billion a year specifically for “sexual and reproductive health rights,” according to a government press release.

“The funding will help make sure women and girls around the world have access to the quality health services they need, including safe and legal abortion, and support women’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies,” the press release stated.

Currently, the Trudeau Liberals allot $400 million specifically to the “sexual and reproductive” portion of the $1.1 billion now budgeted for “sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health.”

The new fund expands the Liberals’ 2017 commitment of $650 million over three years to fund and promote abortion in developing countries.

“This is a game changer that will empower 18 million women and girls in developing countries by 2030,” Trudeau told the Women Deliver conference. “Canada is not just speaking up; we’re stepping up.”

The prime minister also used Tuesday’s announcement to take a swipe at Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in the lead-up to the October federal election, reported CTV News.

“There are politicians here in Canada who have called our government’s investments ‘exporting an ideological agenda’,” Trudeau said, referencing Scheer’s comments during his 2017 leadership run on the Liberals’ $650 million global abortion fund.

“Well, we couldn’t disagree more,” Trudeau said. “This should not be a political issue. These divisions are playing out globally with devastating consequences, and women deserve better.”

Trudeau also warned in his Monday opening address to the Women Deliver conference that “individuals and interest groups are trying to roll back women’s rights, and politicians are giving in to the pressure, shamefully campaigning to undo women’s hard won victories.”

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family lobbying group, strongly condemned Trudeau’s latest move.

“Sexual and reproductive health and rights” (SRHR) is “a euphemism for abortion on demand, sterilization, and radical sexual education,” said Emily Price, global policy and research coordinator for Campaign Life.

Moreover, the $650 million Liberal abortion fund is bankrolling “advocacy groups involved in lobbying efforts to repeal existing pro-life legislation in developing countries, as well as organizations that knowingly commit illegal abortion, such as Marie Stopes International,” she pointed out.

This is “a clear example of ideological colonization: a rich nation, funding initiatives to pressure governments into abandoning the cultural traditions and practices of their people,” said Price.

Campaign Life also challenged Conservative leader Scheer.

“If Trudeau is re-elected, the ongoing killing of children in the womb will continue in Canada and abroad,” Price said. “However, can Andrew Scheer promise to do any better? If elected will he reverse these deadly policies and reclaim Canada’s reputation as a defender of life, or will he just remain status quo in the name of ‘not re-opening the abortion debate’?” she asked.

“Millions of children will be killed because of these funds,” added Price. “Which political leader in Canada is willing to stand up and say enough is enough?”

Meanwhile, status of women minister Maryam Monsef announced that the Liberals are pledging a further $300 million to underwrite a new funding platform for “women’s rights” projects in Canada and abroad, the CBC reported.

Monsef made the announcement the day before the Women Deliver conference opened Monday.

The four-day event, which has International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, and the Guttmacher Institute among its sponsors, drew over 8,000 people representing 2,500 organizations and 160 countries — ostensibly to discuss women’s advancement.

However, Women Deliver, a New York-based charity, is clear on its website that its advocacy efforts are “anchored in sexual and reproductive health.”

Indeed, Women Deliver president and CEO Kate Iversen admitted during a panel discussion at the U.N. Status of Women Conference last April that her organization is trying to liberalize abortion laws in countries where it is restrictive and facilitating access to abortion in countries where it is illegal, The Interim reported at the time.

That dovetails precisely with Trudeau’s agenda. Notably, Global Affairs Canada in 2017 gave Women Deliver $15,625,002.