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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – While working remotely after testing positive for COVID, thrice-vaccinated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to say during parliamentary question period on Monday whether he will meet with the truckers who are fighting for Canadian constitutional freedoms.

Opposition leader Erin O’Toole asked if the prime minister would “move past the division and agree to meet with some of the truckers impacted by his federal regulations.”

Trudeau refused to say that he would meet with the truckers, and doubled down on his pro-vaccine coercion rhetoric.

“The science is very clear: the best way through this pandemic is to get people vaccinated,” he claimed. “That’s how we end the disruptions to our supply chains.”

However, the “vaccinated” still contract and spread the coronavirus, as evidenced by the many high-profile vaccinated individuals (like Trudeau) who have announced their infections. Canadian data have also shown record numbers of cases occurring with a highly vaccinated population. The “fully vaccinated” also make up the majority of COVID-associated hospitalizations in Ontario, for example.

From isolation, Trudeau added: “The biggest disruptions happen to our supply chains happen when people catch COVID.”

The fact that the jabs do not stop transmission is one of the reasons why Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has decided to scrap COVID policies in his province in the wake of the pressure from the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau’s Liberal government has imposed a federal vaccination mandate on Canadian truckers that significantly hinders the ability of unvaccinated truckers to cross the Canada-U.S. border, thereby threatening to further disrupt already fragile supply-chains.

Thousands of truckers, many of them vaccinated, have occupied Ottawa in protest of the mandate, and are demanding that the government drop the mandate and all COVID policies in order that Canadians can live with their constitutional freedoms restored.


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