By Hilary White

TORONTO, May 31, 2006 ( – A new biography of the late former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre E. Trudeau has made a splash in Canada’s normally staid publishing world. The book, titled “Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944,” shows a side to Trudeau that would have been unlikely to come to light under a Liberal or even Progressive Conservative party government.

The new bio, to be officially released tomorrow, depicts Trudeau not in the usual iconographic way as the sacrosanct icon of the progressive new Canada but as an anti-Semitic admirer of Hitler and Mussolini who openly called for a revolution against McKenzie King’s government and pined for an independent and French-only Quebec.

“We discovered a Trudeau who was remarkably different from what we and everyone else had assumed,” authors Max and Monique Nemni write in their book.

The book, relying heavily on Trudeau’s own writing which he entrusted to the Nemni’s, is poised to blow away the Liberal party mythology of Trudeau as the architect and of all things that define the new socialist Canada, nicknamed “Trudeaupia” by syndicated Canadian columnist Mark Steyn.

Liberal government policy kept closely in line with the Trudeau’s vision of a socialist state controlled, according to the mandate of his own Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by the opinions of judges.

Ottawa Citizen reviewer Robert Sibley said the book may force a “re-evaluation” of Trudeau’s legacy that left Canada a far different country than was envisioned by the Fathers of Confederation.

Paul Tuns, author and editor of the Toronto-based pro-life newspaper, the Interim, told that the revelations of Trudeau’s past in the Nemnis’ book were common knowledge until he became leader of the Liberal Party, then they were swept under the carpet by the party and the media.

Tuns, author of “Jean Chretien: Legacy of Scandal” on corruption in the Liberal government, said, “Trudeau’s social re-engineering project brought in everything from divorce to abortion, the notion that politics must be divorced from religion. It has led to the complete redrafting of the Canadian polity from one founded on moral and democratic principles to a leftist nanny state.”

David Warren, prominent journalist and columnist at the Ottawa Citizen and Western Standard, told that Trudeau’s cynical political opportunism will surprise only those Canadians who get their news exclusively from the Globe and Mail. “Quelle surprise! Trudeau was a young fascist!” Warren said.

Referring to the late author, journalist and sometime Toronto Progressive Conservative candidate, Lubor J. Zink, Warren said that Canadians had long been warned of Trudeau’s true nature as a ‘principle-free’ pure political opportunist. “Zink and a raft of other rightwing ‘hysterics’ told everybody who would listen at the time Trudeau was rising—complete with pictures of the people’s darling in Nazi regalia riding his motorbike through war-time Montreal.”

Paul Tuns said, “Ask yourself about the assumptions we make that have allowed Canadians to be manipulated. Why is it unCanadian to oppose the social changes of the last 40 years, but not unCanadian for Trudeau to have undone three centuries of social, cultural and political tradition?”