OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) A Member of Parliament belonging to the Conservative Party of Canada said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s primary goal is to acquire power, not restore order in Ottawa. 

On Monday Pierre Poilievre released a video entitled “The Real Emergency is Government Overreach” and urged viewers to reject continued use of the Emergencies Act. The House of Commons voted on Monday night to confirm and maintain its current use. Trudeau invoked it on February 14. 

While Trudeau said he needs the powers, which include the ability to freezing the financial assets of Freedom Convoy truckers and their supporters, to end the anti-COVID jab mandate blockades, Poilievre said the truckers are no longer blocking the streets of downtown Ottawa. 

“So, with things being so peaceful, peaceful enough for me to stand right in the middle of this street, what is the real agenda in giving government these extraordinary powers?” the Conservative MP for Carleton asked.   

“The agenda, of course, is the same as that Justin Trudeau has had from the beginning of the pandemic, and that is to use crises and fear to take more power for himself,” he said.  

“Powers he neither he nor any other politician has any business deploying on a peaceful citizenry.” 

Poilievre, who is running for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, said he will oppose the bill and, if elected Prime Minister, will “make sure such abuses of power never repeat themselves.”  

He said Canada should go in the opposite direction and pursue freedom from COVID mandates and restrictions. 

“What we really should do is remove other restrictions, get rid of vaccine mandates and allow our businesses and our workers to get back to their lives,” the MP said.  

“Canadians feel like they’ve lost control of their lives. It’s time that we gave them back, and let’s work together to make Canada the freest country in the world.”  

Poilievre urged people to sign his petition to withdraw the Emergencies Act. 

Despite his vigorous fight for freedom, Poilievre is not conservative on social issues. While he opposes COVID restrictions, he aligns with LGBT causes and is pro-abortion.