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(LifeSiteNews) — A new poll has found that disapproval for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has reached its highest level since he took office in 2015.

According to a September 14 poll by Abacus Data, the Trudeau government’s disapproval rating increased by four percent since just the week prior to 57 percent, making it the highest it’s been since 2015, with only 29 percent of Canadians saying they approve of the current Liberal government.  

“These numbers continue to show deterioration in underlying opinions about the government and the Prime Minister that we first started seeing last summer but only recently seem to have impacted people’s intended voting behavior,” Abacus Data Chair and CEO David Coletto said.  

Similarly, Trudeau’s personal image worsened as 56 percent of Canadians today have a negative impression of Trudeau while only 27 percent have a positive view. Trudeau has also seen a decrease in support among millennials.  

Furthermore, Canadians willing to vote Liberal has decreased to 42 percent, the lowest since 2015. At the same time, 50 percent of Canadians said they were open to voting Conservative, making it the largest gap in favor of Conservatives since 2015.  

“For the Conservatives, these numbers reinforce the strong position the party is in at the moment,” Coletto explained. “More people have a positive view of Pierre Poilievre than either of the two major leaders.” 

“They are seen as best able to handle most of the top issues people are focused on and if the desire for change persists and they are seen as capable and acceptable alternatives, they will easily ride the wave into office whenever the next election comes,” he added.   

“Yes, the election could be years away, Coletto continued. “But the trend is what matters and the Liberal situation is worsening at this point from week to week.” 

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition told LifeSiteNews, “It’s heartwarming to see Canadians finally waking up to the destructive nature of Trudeau’s policies.”  

Fonseca said that he feels the “Million Person March For Children will rapidly drive up that disapproval rating, as parents and families who’ve traditionally voted Liberal, or not voted at all, begin to learn about Trudeau’s LGBT extremism and his unconscionable support for chemically and surgically mutilating minor children.” 

“Things certainly look bleak for Trudeau, and that’s why I caution everyone – especially Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives – to not allow Trudeau to put the country into another lockdown, be it a COVID lockdown or a climate lockdown,” Fonseca added.  

“That is Trudeau only hope for re-election, to put us into another lockdown where the Liberals can orchestrate mass election fraud by imposing mass mail-in voting, which opens the door to major voter fraud,” he added. “If you see the Trudeau regime and their mainstream media propaganda arms pushing for another lockdown, this is why.” 

The research further found that 72 percent of Canadians are concerned with the rising costs of living in the country.

According to a September 5 report by Statistics Canada, food prices are rising faster than the headline inflation rate – the overall inflation rate in the country – as staple food items are increasing at a rate of 10 to 18 percent year-over-year when compared to the overall inflation rate of 4 percent.  

Earlier this year, the Bank of Canada admitted that Trudeau’s federal “climate change” programs, which have been deemed “extreme” by some provincial leaders, are indeed helping to fuel inflation. 

Raising fuel-related taxes has come in conjunction with the Trudeau government’s decision to join a variety of global initiatives, including the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” which involves phasing out or reducing the use of coal-fired power plants, nitrogen-rich fertilizers, and natural gas. 

Furthermore, as a result of the Trudeau government’s Online News Act, Canadians can no longer access news on Facebook or Instagram as Meta refuses to pay the fees mandated by the act. 

The censorship is especially hard on young Canadians who use social media as their primary method of sharing and receiving news.  

On the other hand, Poilievre has openly condemned the Online News Act, comparing it with George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984.” 

Furthermore, Poilievre has repeatedly promised Canadians that he will axe the carbon tax and restore the economy if elected prime minister. 

Poilievre, however, is not without his own host of issues in the eyes of social conservatives. 

While Trudeau came out to condemn the September 20 Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in schools, Poilievre failed to support the immensely popular pro-family effort, and even went as far as having his office tell his caucus to refrain from making any statements about the movement.

This led many online to accuse the Conservative leader of cowardice and having missed a good opportunity to rally his grassroots base.