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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) –– Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Department of Justice has put out a series of Tweets that promotes the nation’s medical assistance in dying (MAiD) program as a “choice” for Canadians, which a pro-life hospice group says is a stark reminder of how the current government is promoting “death” over life.  

On February 23, the Department of Justice put out a series of “Did you Know” tweets to highlight Canada’s MAiD program.  

One of the tweet’s claimed MAiD is a “regime” to help those with “autonomy and freedom of choice.” 

The Justice Department said in another tweet that to “receive medical assistance in dying (#MAID) in Canada, a person must meet all eligibility criteria.” 

Another tweet read, “These criteria relate to a person’s age (18+), their diagnosis, the intolerable nature of suffering, treatment options that are acceptable to them, and their capacity to make informed medical decisions.” 

What’s next, ‘a tourism campaign saying come to Canada to kill yourself?’  

Reacting to the eerie social media posts, Angelina Ireland of the pro-life Delta Hospice Society told LifeSiteNews that Canada’s Justice Department promoting MAiD on social media shows how the nation’s “death squad” keeps getting bolder by the day, and that people need to start fighting back.

“Is this a macabre joke? Are we supposed to laugh at the absurdity of it? Unfortunately, no, they are dead serious (no pun intended),” Ireland told LifeSiteNews. 

“While authentic palliative care is like a forgotten art form in our country, the death squad continues to get more bold, proud and predatory.” 

Ireland said what is forgotten is the “choice” for people to “live” and have the “freedom to access healthcare that we all pay for dearly via our enormous tax burden.”  

“Killing is cheap and death is presented to us as the panacea for all our problems: disability, chronic illness, poverty, depression, homelessness,” she said. 

Ireland then cautioned that Canada is going down a dark path and these tweets serve as an absurd reminder of just how far the death regime in Canada has already gone.

“Next we will be seeing Tourism Canada jumping on the bandwagon marketing our unique contribution to the world,” said Ireland. “[With the tagline] Come to Canada and kill yourself.”

Trudeau Liberal government first legalized euthanasia in 2016, and since then has continued to push for further expansions to who can qualify for state-sanctioned death. 

With the 2021 passage of Bill C-7, euthanasia was opened up for not just the terminally ill, but the chronically ill as well.

Bill C-7 also included a provision to expand euthanasia to those suffering solely from mental illness, a measure that has now been delayed until March of 2024 after significant pushback from pro-life groups and conservative politicians.