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(LifeSiteNews) — A bizarre new report published by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Public Health Agency seeks to draw a link between “negative health outcomes” and “climate change,” a phenomenon it blames on “white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism and racism.”

The report, titled What We Heard: Perspectives On Climate Change And Public Health In Canada, was published Monday and was based on interviews with 30 academics and experts, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. 

“Systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change overlap,” the report stated. “White supremacy, capitalism, colonialism and racism must be addressed.”

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“These core drivers of climate change — extraction, capitalism and colonialism — were described as the root of polarization and fragmentation witnessed recently in public health,” continued the report, adding that the “key messages we heard underscored that public health and climate change require a focus on decolonizing, justice and equity, adequate funding, political commitment and cross-sectoral partnerships with the expectation that fundamental changes in our socioeconomic structures are needed to rebuild our relationships with each other and with our planet.”

Continuing, the report stated that people “living in Canada depend on a healthy environment and equitable access to it,” and explained that the experts said the only way access will be improved is by “addressing systemic issues, i.e. capitalism, colonialism and racism which drive common inequitable outcomes for public health and nature.”

On the industry front, the authors of the report also relayed that many of the “experts” criticized Canada’s natural resource sectors, including oil, gas, and mining.

“Several [experts] described how denial and disinformation are currently being supported by powerful groups that have vested interests in not making changes to adapt to and mitigate climate change such as the fossil fuel industry,” wrote the authors.

Lastly, the report also raised the alarm about the possibility of “climate refugees” in the near future, a term used to describe people who flee their homelands due to radical changes in weather patterns.

“Experts recognized there are and will be many challenges around climate refugees as climate change intensifies,” the report stated. “Yet only a few of the experts discussed ways in which public health needs to develop structured plans to prepare for and support both internal and cross-border climate refugees who experience diverse health effects.”

While the link between “climate change” and racism or capitalism may seem dubious to even some of those who promote the mainstream environmental narrative, this is not the first time such a link has been made.

As noted by The Daily Sceptic‘s Chris Morrison, one of Britain’s leading voices on the climate, Professor Kevin Anderson, has similarly called for “radical societal restructuring” as a solution to climate change.

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Morrison has also noted that in 2020, two University College London geography professors, Mark Maslin and Simon Lewis, argued that colonization and racism are directly linked to the climate “emergency.”

Morrison argues that this is because the climate change agenda is not a scientific one, but a political one, with its “underlying” message being one that is “hard-core Marxist.”

Morrison evidences his argument by pointing to myriad recent studies that either diminish, or outright contradict, the claims of climate activists, particularly when it comes to the link between carbon dioxide (CO2) output and “global warming.”

Most notably, Morrison points to the lack of temperature increase in Antarctica over the last 70 years despite increased CO2 output, the fact that weather-related deaths are down 98 percent over the past 100 years, the over 1,110 researchers who declared the “climate emergency” to be nonexistent, and the often extreme solutions promoted by climate activists which other scientists have warned could lead to mass starvation.