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(LifeSiteNews) — In a speech given last Friday in Toronto, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed what many of us already knew to be true: The terms “misinformation” and “disinformation” are going to continue to be weaponized and used as the justification for eradicating all political dissent.

In quintessential Liberal Party fashion, Trudeau spoke out of both sides of his mouth on Friday while addressing members of Canada’s Ukrainian community amid the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Decrying the authoritarian actions of Russia, Trudeau managed to squeeze in the importance of increasing the scope of his own political authority by pointing to the need to squash so-called “misinformation.” Like the entirety of the political left, Trudeau has the uncanny ability to express some truths while simultaneously and clandestinely ushering in his own desire for increasing power and influence over the masses.

Considering Canadian tax dollars are used to fund abortion, mass experimental injection programs, and other social ills, I would say that for many of us Christians, we are quite delighted to have some of our money spent overseas to aid innocent Ukrainians caught up in the growing humanitarian crisis spurred by the ongoing war. But much like the bipartisan solidarity that America experienced after 9/11, it feels ever more prudent to be on the lookout for the government’s plan to capitalize on the suffering, by using this time to further their own agenda much like George W. Bush did via the Patriot Act.

In Trudeau’s speech, he rightly addressed the fear and sorrow Ukrainians must be feeling. Regardless of whether one thinks NATO is worse than Russia, or Russia worse than NATO, I think we can all agree that innocent human life ought to be protected and should hold primacy over geopolitics. However, instead of sticking on that point, Trudeau took the time to address the so-called “slippage” in “democracies” worldwide, while hinting at what he seeks to do about it.

First, what does Trudeau mean by a slippage in democracy? Is the slippage due to the fact that Trudeau invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act and allowed horses to trample those opposed to his COVID policies? Is the slippage the result of his World Economic Forum linked Minister of Finance freezing bank accounts of political dissents? Is the slippage because his government is denying bail to the Freedom Convoy protest organizers while allowing a counter-protester who ran four people over with his car out on bail? Well, no. According to Trudeau, the “slippage” is a result of “countries allowing increasing misinformation and disinformation to be shared on social media … ”

In Trudeau’s mind, the dwindling trust in the democratic process is not a result of Western governments flagrantly denying human and constitutional rights for two years by masking, isolating, and injecting them. No, it is because people are allowed to disagree with such actions on Facebook.

As many have said humorously, “misinformation” is often something true that is revealed before the powers-at-be want the public to know it is true. Statements that were once considered “misinformation,” such as “vaccines do not prevent the transmission of COVID,” “governments will use COVID to install vaccine passports,” “the virus likely leaked from a lab,” and “lockdowns cause more harm than good,” are now part of the factual, scientific, and historical record.

According to Trudeau, the situation in Ukraine is “reminding us all” that “this is not just a fight for Ukraine, it is a fight for the integrity, the sovereignty, and the capacity for people everywhere to pick the path they want for their future.”

Of course, Trudeau does not mean that “we” should be able to pick our path, because thousands of Canadians tried that in Ottawa and were met with police brutality, frozen bank accounts, and court dates. To understand what Trudeau means, perhaps we just need to look at his own actions.

Right now, Trudeau’s government has launched yet another internet censorship bill, C-11. According to Dr. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa and Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, Bill C-11 will allow for the government’s broadcast regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC), a “virtually limitless reach” in what is deemed acceptable or not for programming.

It is feared that Bill C-11 might force websites under the CRTC – including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook – to remove content deemed “harmful” within 24 hours.

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis also voiced concern over Bill C-11, mentioning Trudeau’s recent foray into authoritarian governance as a reason Canadians need to remain vigilant and aware of what the prime minister is up to.

“Neither the Liberals nor any government, regardless of your political stripe, can be trusted to be neutral referees of what is preferred speech and preferred content,” Lewis said during a Bill C-11 debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

“A prime minister who can hardly tolerate differences of opinions within his own cabinet and party cannot be trusted to respect the different opinions and preferences of Canadians,” Lewis added.

“Bill C-11, the online streaming act, opens the doors to government control of Canadians through the internet through their internet activity and speech,” she warned.

The Western political classes’ playbook never changes. Whether the crisis is a viral flu-like sickness, geopolitical tension and war, or “climate change,” the solution is always and will always be the same: The government will grant itself more power while increasingly losing tolerance for the “fringe minority” that stand in the way.

Trudeau is right that there is a crisis, and he is also right that the crisis includes more than just Ukraine. While people should of course be concerned with Moscow and Kyiv, after two years of COVID tyranny and unprecedented government overreach, we cannot afford to lose sight of Ottawa either.