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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — Just days after describing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s views on vaccines as being “fake,” former U.S. President Donald Trump yet again praised his controversial and heavily criticized Operation Warp Speed.

“I did a phenomenal job… I have a very important Democrat friend, who probably votes for me… he said Operation Warp Speed was one of the greatest achievements in the history of government,” Trump declared.

Trump made his comments during an extensive interview with TIME magazine’s Eric Cortellessa in the middle of last month. The conversation was released in print form on April 30. The two discussed everything from abortion and law enforcement to foreign policy and a potential second term.

The last three questions Cortellessa asked Trump dealt with his handling of COVID-19. Trump repeated what he has been saying ever since leaving office.

“I energized the country like nobody’s ever energized our country,” he claimed. “The Democrats love the vaccine… only reason I don’t take credit for it. The Republicans, in many cases, don’t, although many of them got it.”

As previously reported by LifeSiteNews, Trump has notoriously refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing on his part with the rollout of the abortion-tainted shot, which he has repeatedly defended, frustrating many of his most ardent supporters.

During a campaign stop in Grimes, Iowa in June 2023, an audience member scolded him by asking, “what were you thinking,” noting that “we have lost people because you supported the jab,” a likely reference to the millions of persons who died as a result of the shot’s many adverse side effects, including its link to sudden death, myocarditis, pregnancy complications, and blood clots.

“Everybody wanted a vaccine at that time,” Trump responded. “And I was able to do something that nobody else could have done, getting it done very, very rapidly. But I never was for mandates.”

Cortellessa asked Trump to clarify if he would “do the same thing again to get vaccines in the arms of Americans as quickly as possible, if it happened again in the next four years?”

Trump did not provide a discernible response, opting instead for a rambling statement about how he always knew the virus came “from China” and that there are “variations of it” till this today.

Trump did, however, provide clarity to Cortellessa’s next question on whether he would roll back the Biden administration’s decision to establish the Office of Preparedness and Response Policy in the executive branch. The office is tasked with overseeing future epidemics.

“I think I would (disband it),” Trump stated. “I think it’s a very expensive solution to something that won’t work.”

Trump’s refusal to acknowledge evidence of the COVID shots’ risks has long been one of the biggest points of contention with medical freedom activists, which were among his most loyal supporters in 2016 and 2020. In his first run for the White House, Trump said he would establish a vaccine safety commission that Kennedy Jr. was reportedly going to be involved in, but those plans never materialized.

Since departing the White House, Trump has repeatedly promoted the COVID shot as “one of the greatest achievements of mankind.” He was challenged on that claim by several public figures, including former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

During an interview for her podcast in September 2023, Kelly, who developed an autoimmune issue after getting a COVID booster, told Trump “a lot of people have been vaccine injured. And that’s one of the questions. Those people are mad that (the vaccines were) rushed through and that they can’t sue.”

“Well, I never gave mandates,” Trump obstinately replied. “Some places had mandates, largely Democrat governors and probably some Republicans.”

He also insisted that “very smart people” told him that his work on the COVID vaccines “saved 100 million people worldwide.”

During a phone interview with former GOP Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon also in June 2023, Trump signaled support for pharmaceutical companies releasing internal vaccine injury data to the public. However, he didn’t give a clear answer as to whether he wants to hold them accountable for injuries. Dixon pressed him to comment on the harm the shots did to Americans.

“We’ve seen cases of myocarditis, blood clots, and heart attacks. They’re all increasing,” she said. “The research has never been released. So will you demand that the vaccine companies, that the pharmaceutical companies release their vaccine data to the public so that we can see what they’re actually seeing about the side effects of this vaccine?”

Trump replied, “Well, they should do that. We’re all in this together, and they should be doing that.”

“Will you tell these companies that they must be honest about what has happened with this vaccine?” Dixon further inquired.

“They have to be honest with the numbers, the facts, and they have an obligation to be honest,” Trump replied. “And if they are going to hold back, that means they’re holding back something that’s not good… any information, they have to release it.”

In June 2023, Trump vowed to undertake an investigation into Big Pharma’s potential role in causing childhood illnesses like autism, auto-immune disorders, and other problems if re-elected. He did not mention that or his purported support for having vaccine makers release data about the injuries their products caused in his TIME interview.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates