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(LifeSiteNews) — Former President Donald J. Trump has reasserted his support for Dr. Mehmet Oz over pro-life favorite Kathy Barnette for the Pennsylvania GOP U.S. Senate nomination despite facing a backlash from social conservatives over his seemingly counterintuitive endorsement.   

Trump — who earned admiration and praise as the most pro-life president in history during his tenure at the White House — and his political allies now find themselves at odds with much the Keystone State’s conservative base, splitting what was once a far more unified constituency.   

“Kathy Barnette will never be able to win the General Election against the Radical Left Democrats,” declared the 45th President of the United States in a statement issued yesterday.   

“Dr. Oz is the only one who will be able to easily defeat the Crazed, Lunatic Democrat in Pennsylvania,” concluded Trump. “A vote for anyone else in the Primary is a vote against Victory in the Fall!” 

While Barnette’s personal story and consistent messaging has won her the support of grassroots prolifers in the state as well as that of the D.C.-based pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, Oz’s pro-life credentials appear to be paper-thin and of recent vintage.  

“Mehmet Oz has been a Republican for about 20 minutes and is not conservative by any stretch of the imagination,” wrote National Review’s senior political correspondent, Jim Geraghty. 

In a series of tweets today, Geraghty exposed Dr. Oz’s many compromised positions regarding current moral issues that are non-negotiable for social conservatives. 

“Do you remember Mehmet Oz ever jumping into the fray on a controversial issue and standing up to defend the conservative side?” began Geraghty.  

“Because I remember him saying he was ‘really worried’ about efforts to restrict abortion, criticizing laws designed to restrict abortion, criticizing heartbeat laws by insisting that ‘the heart’s not beating,’” he continued.  

“…GLAAD praised him for ‘allowing the audience to hear probably the healthiest medical opinion of transgender identity ever broadcast,’” he added.  

In a 2010 episode of his show, Oz focused on what he called the “astonishing reality” of children “born transgender” and used non-biological pronouns when referring to the so-called “transgender” kids. The same episode featured transgender activist Dr. Robert Garofalo, a Chicago pediatrician, who encouraged parents to provide gender-confused kids highly dangerous, off-label hormone drugs and “sex change” surgeries before they turn 16.

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Trump’s allies attack Barnette

The Trump political machine has been in overdrive this week attempting to discredit Barnette following her recent surge in the polls which show her to be in a statistical tie with Dr. Oz and suggesting that the momentum of public support is with her.   

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, a frequent surrogate for Pres. Trump and a homosexual, attacked Barnette as “radical” for criticizing homosexual behavior and posted a deceptive, highly edited video montage of her just days before Pennsylvania’s primary elections. 

During a 12-minute rant on his Newsmax show, Greg Kelly claimed Barnette is the “Democrats’ Dream nominee for the Republican Party.” 

“She says she’s a conservative. I’m not buying it. Actually, she looks like a race-baiting huckster,” added Kelly. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, Grenell serves as a vice president at Newsmax, where Kelly hosts his nightly “Greg Kelly Reports.” 

Fox News host Sean Hannity repeated similar talking points on his program last night, suggesting that she has not gone through “vigorous, rigorous vetting” and slamming her as “unelectable in Pennsylvania.”  

“She engaged repeatedly in some pretty disturbing, very controversial rhetoric surrounding gays, lesbians and Muslims,” said Hannity who then quoted a 2015 tweet: 

Obama did what he does best: shoving his homosexual agenda down everyone’s throat and paraded a slew of gays before the Pope.

According to Hannity, she also heavily insinuated: 

Obama is a horrible … on all measures.  He loves all things gay … he supports all things Muslim. 

Responding to Hannity, conservative journalist and host of Human Events Daily Jack Posobiec posted a picture of Dr. Oz with convicted race-baiter and fraudster Jussie Smollette. 

“Hi Sean Hannity! Heard you wanted to vet candidates,” wrote Posobiec.  

“All for it,” he continued. “First up: Why did Dr Oz help Jussie Smollett spread a hate hoax against MAGA supporters?”