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Trump is absolutely right about one thing…

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Today, LifeSite is launching its 2017 spring fundraising campaign! 

If you believe in the importance of having a strong, fearless, independent, and uncompromisingly pro-life and pro-family voice in the media, this is your chance to make a difference!

To keep this truth-mission afloat for the next quarter, we need your help to reach the minimum goal of $225,000 by March 31.

Since Jan. 1 of this year, over 7 MILLION people have visited LifeSite, where they’ve viewed over 15 MILLION pages - making LifeSite by far the #1 most-visited pro-life website on the Internet! And right now, we need just a tiny fraction of those readers to pitch in whatever they can!

Will you help us reach the goal today with a gift of $35 or more?

DONATE NOW Whatever you think of Donald Trump, there no question he’s absolutely right about one thing - the mainstream media are often shamelessly and incurably “dishonest.”

And that’s never more true than when it comes to the issues you and I care about the most: the sanctity of life, the family, faith, and freedom.

I thought I’d seen everything, but I was truly flabbergasted recently when The Atlantic published a bizarre article complaining about the invention of the ultrasound, and how it has been “used” to “push” the idea that “a fetus is a person.” (Imagine that!)

The author of the article even had the gall to complain that the ultrasound has been used “to create an imaginary (!) 'heartbeat,’” asking “What is a fetal heartbeat? And why does it matter?”

The article was so riddled with glaring factual errors about embryology and other topics, that The Atlantic was eventually forced to issue a 176-word correction to the piece!

This is the madness of the pro-abortion position. And THIS is how far the pro-abortion media will go to defend the “right” for mothers and fathers to kill their own children.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These days much of the mainstream media are pushing an increasingly extreme, dangerous and intolerant sexual agenda, often (and as a father this is what really gets me) aimed directly at our kids!

We can’t let the media get away with this.

And that is precisely why LifeSite exists!

Call us crazy, but at LifeSite we have always aimed to stand up to these media juggernauts, like David to Goliath, believing in the power of Divine Providence and the TRUTH, to reach hearts and minds…and save lives.

When you support LifeSite, you aren’t just supporting another pro-life and pro-family apostolate. You are giving inspiration and support to our fiercely dedicated team of 25+ experienced pro-life and pro-family journalists, editors and support staff, who are in the trenches, fighting for truth every single day.

And you are supporting the countless pro-life and pro-family leaders, activists, and citizens who find themselves out-numbered, out-funded, and under relentless attack by media forces that distort their message, and drown their voices. These culture warriors are begging for help get their voice out to millions of people.

That’s what LifeSite does!

With 3-5 million people reading LifeSiteNews each month, only 1% of readers would have to contribute just $5 to reach our 2017 spring campaign goal!
Just imagine what you could help us accomplish if just 10% of our readers gave only $5? Click here to donate. DONATE NOW While our quarterly campaign goals cover only the bare minimum required to keep your pro-life and pro-family news agency afloat at its current levels of operation - your donation of $100, $250, or $500 or more today could mean that this alternative news will be reach even many more people than it does now!

Thank you for your support

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