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Former President Donald TrumpPhoto by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

CONROE, Texas (LifeSiteNews) — Former President Donald Trump voiced his support for the Canadian pro-freedom trucker convoy which descended upon Ottawa over the weekend, praising the tens of thousands of truck-drivers for “doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders.”

During a rally in Conroe, Texas, on Saturday, the 45th president of the United States told his supporters, “We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way.”

“The Canadian truckers, you’ve been reading about it, who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates, are doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders by far,” Trump said, moving on to blast the Biden administration for its liberty-crushing jab mandates.

Trump’s comments supporting Canadian truck-drivers come in reference to the roughly 50,000 trucks which formed a more than 40-mile-long convoy bound for Parliament Hill in the Canadian capital of Ottawa to protest coercive COVID-19 measures.

After reaching the city over the weekend, the truckers have taken up space, blasted their horns, and garnered the support of tens of thousands of appreciative Canadians who have joined them in calling for an end to COVID jab passports, mandates, lockdowns, and other restrictive measures.

Despite generating widescale support at the grassroots level, government officials and mainstream media figures have been quick to smear the so-called Freedom Convoy — which is made up of a diverse crowd of Canadians of many ethnicities and backgrounds united by a shared desire for liberty — as extremist or “white supremacist.”

Most mainstream outlets have simply refused to cover the scope of the event. Drone footage captured by citizen journalists showed a glimpse of the true size and magnitude of the massive demonstration.

Meanwhile, Trump’s support for the trucker convoy and frequent rally stops come amid speculation the former president may be preparing to run again in 2024.

While Trump’s base remains doggedly loyal and his supporters have welcomed an opportunity to vote for him again, some are concerned about Trump’s unflinching support for the increasingly mandated experimental COVID-19 shots he helped rush through production.

In light of concerns regarding the jabs, many conservatives have begun to look to Florida’s firebrand Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis as a more promising 2024 contender.

A Roman Catholic who at 43 years old is more than three decades younger than Trump, DeSantis has delivered massive wins for conservatives over the past two years by ruling out COVID lockdowns, banning vaccine passports, ensuring parental rights regarding masking in schools, fighting top-down vaccine mandates, and presiding over a highly successful economy in the Sunshine State.

While DeSantis has announced he’s running for re-election as governor of Florida this year, thus far he has not indicated whether he plans to run for president in 2024.