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December 11, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – President Donald Trump has always been more centrist on LGBT issues than the image painted by his left-wing foes, as evidenced by his reelection campaign’s sale of rainbow-themed “Make America Great Again” apparel to endorse homosexual “pride.”

The “Make America Great Again Pride Hat” and “Make America Great Again Pride Tee” display Trump’s iconic campaign slogan in rainbow colors to “Show your support for the LGBT community and the 45th President,” according to the product descriptions.

The rainbow-themed 'Make America Great Again' hat is available at

The products may seem jarring to those whose perception of the 45th president has been largely shaped by the mainstream media. However, they are consistent with his longstanding support for same-sex “marriage,” which top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway boasted about in July.

As president, Trump has nominated a variety of pro-LGBT officials to various government posts and judicial vacancies. He has continued some Obama-era LGBT policies such as an executive order on “gender identity nondiscrimination” and U.S. support for international recognition of homosexual relations at the United Nations Human Rights Council. His administration also recognizes LGBT “Pride Month.”

At the same time, Trump has prioritized religious liberty and generally been aligned with social conservatives against the gender-fluidity movement, from banning gender-confused soldiers from the military to protecting women from having to share close quarters such as homeless shelters with men claiming to be transgendered. The White House has also come out against the so-called “Equality Act” and holds to a biological definition of sex in its implementation of federal laws and regulations.

Accordingly, the professional LGBT lobby continues to cast Trump as an enemy of LGBT “rights.”

“Since Donald Trump and Mike Pence took office, LGBTQ people have been under constant attack by an administration that is hell-bent on stripping away our rights and rolling back the progress we’ve made,” claims Alphonso David, president of the so-called “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC). “We’ve made investments, hired staff and begun voter engagement in states across the country to defeat Donald Trump. Come November 2020, HRC and the 57 million Equality Voters across the country will be ready to end this nightmare of an administration.”

While lamenting the president’s moderate-to-liberal stances on some LGBT issues, social conservatives generally find their disagreements more than outweighed by Trump’s strong pro-life record and pledge to appoint reliably conservative judicial nominees, such as the recently-confirmed Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk.