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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (LifeSiteNews) – Former President Donald Trump urged Republicans to fight for Western Civilization and American culture.

Trump made his comments on Friday at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority Policy Conference.”

“The entire Republican Party needs to get tough and take the Radical Left’s crusade against our culture head on,” Trump said.

“These people are at war with Western Civilization, they’re at war with science, they are at war with truth, reason, and common sense,” the former president said.

“And in a very, very real way, they are at war with morality itself. Not moral what they’re doing, it’s just destroying everything, every fiber of our country,” Trump said.

His comments came after he discussed how he left office with a strong military, a booming economy, a secure border, and energy independence, which he said President Joe Biden ruined.

He also criticized Biden for targeting conservatives, instead of going after criminal gang members. The comment is in apparent reference to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s ordering of federal oversight into parents and other education activists who spoke out at school board meetings against COVID policies and transgender bathrooms.

He said Republicans need to “do something” about leftist extremism.

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Trump noted that he created the 1776 Commission to promote an understanding of American’s founding and culture while also banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the federal government. But, Trump noted, “Biden repealed those executive orders then aggressively pushed woke, left-wing racism into every part government, from the Department of Education to the U.S. military where I had just ended it.”

He said that a Republican Congress and president must stop CRT and woke politics.

Biden has pushed liberal politics into the military, as Trump noted. He recently fulfilled an LGBT agenda item to let HIV+ individuals continue to serve in the military and deploy.

The Department of Defense also created training documents that identify opposition to abortion and the LGBTQ agenda as characteristics of a possible extremist. The military also identified traditionally Catholic views on gender and feminism as signs of extremism.

Biden also reversed the prohibition on gender-confused individuals serving in the military just days after taking office.