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Tens of thousands of supporters of President Trump rallied in Washington, DC on November 14, 2020 as the results of the presidential election are contested in various courtsLifeSiteNews

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WASHINGTON, D.C., November 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) —Tens of thousands of Trump supporters participated in today’s “March for Trump,” from Freedom Plaza close to the White House all the way to the Supreme Court, telling the public to “stop the steal” of this year’s presidential election.

LifeSite’s video reporter Jim Hale was on the ground. “I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of people have showed up today,” he said. “This is the most patriotic spot in the United States of America right now. And the people here have come to deliver one message to President Trump: Do not quit!”

“We support you all the way,” one Trump supporter said. “Do not concede at all. Zero. This is going to the Supreme Court. We are not taking what the media says for our news.”

Most media outlets called the presidential race for Joe Biden last Saturday, projecting him to have more than the necessary 270 electoral college votes, even though presidential election has yet to be certified in his favor. Trump, so far, has not conceded, instead launching lawsuits in multiple battleground states and questioning the accuracy of the vote count.

“I’m having an issue with people complaining and sitting at home,” another Trump supporter told LifeSiteNews. “I’m a Christian, so I want Christians to get up off their knees, out of their prayer closet, and get busy.”

A number of speakers participated in the “March for Trump,” first at Freedom Plaza, and later at the Supreme Court. Catholic activist and YouTuber Dr. Taylor Marshall was scheduled to deliver a message from the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

“Pro-life is the number one issue that’s out here,” a Trump supporter confirmed. “And I think President Trump has shown that he’s the most pro-life … president we’ve ever had. He acts more Catholic than some of the Catholics that are supposed to be Catholics, such as Biden and Pelosi.”

Another Trump supporter featured in LifeSite’s video report said, “My message to President Trump is: Don’t give up. Keep the fight going. Don’t give up. Do not concede. Fight this to the death if you have to.”

“We’re here supporting you,” he added. “That’s why we held this rally. That’s why we’re holding rallies across the nation in every capital. So, keep going, push forward, don’t give up, because we’re counting on you.”

Yesterday, Trump had welcomed the support for his presidency and his legal challenges, tweeting about today’s event, “I may even try to stop by and say hello.”

His motorcade did indeed stop by earlier in the day, before the “March for Trump” officially started at noon. Although the president waved to his supporters, he didn’t stop on his way to play golf at his club in Virginia.

Minutes ago, Trump tweeted, “[Fox News] and the Fake News Networks aren’t showing these massive gatherings. Instead they have their reporters standing in almost empty streets. We now have SUPPRESSION BY THE PRESS.”

Trump confidant Steve Mosher told LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen yesterday that the president is gathering all the evidence needed to show massive, widespread voter fraud occurred in the 2020 presidential race.

“They picked on the wrong guy to try and bulldoze,” Mosher said, adding that “they’re not just trying to steal the election. They’re trying to steal our country … if they succeed in the massive election heist that's currently underway, we’ll never have another free and fair election in this country, I’m afraid.”

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