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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, John-Henry Westen, Liz Yore, and Father James Altman discuss the serious times we live in, made more evident by the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, Donald Trump’s warning that the world has never been closer to World War III than it is now, and Pope Francis’ effort to crack down on the Latin Mass even harder, all while promoting the lie of interreligious “brotherhood.”

In reaction to Trump’s remarks about World War III, Father Altman reminds us that no one wins and everyone loses in the event of a nuclear war. So, he asks, why are the mainstream media and our globalist leaders pushing propaganda about Vladimir Putin potentially using nukes to get his way in Ukraine?

“Russia is no more close to pushing the button than is China, than is the United States,” he says. “And so why are they filling us with this narrative and this propaganda for manipulative purposes? And if we had any doubt about how far they will go to manipulate us, we saw it in March 2020, when they shut down the globe on a ‘feardemic.’ This is nothing more than more fearmongering. And to what end? To what purpose?”

The answer, Father says, is to push the idea of a one-world government. What’s more, the globalist overtones of such a concept are also present in Pope Francis’ concern about “brotherhood” between Catholics, Muslims, and Jews, since they are both rooted in the same secular humanist philosophy.

Liz Yore calls the opening of the new Abrahamic Family House in the United Arab Emirates a “troubling development.” A direct consequence of the Abu Dhabi declaration signed by Pope Francis, the new multi-faith center was also widely panned as a mockery of Catholic architecture.

“The signing of the document, the hugging and the kissing of Francis and [Ahmed] el-Tayeb, it is a fraud. It is a farce. Because in reality, el-Tayeb says Islam is incompatible with the West. It’s out of his mouth,” she says. “So we are to believe that this one-world religion, this Abrahamic faith center, is one in which peace will be restored. In fact, there are serious differences. Two thousand years of Christianity has proven serious differences between the religions.”

“The job of the Pope is to protect the teachings of the Catholic Church and to evangelize the faith, not to hug and kiss and sign agreements with somebody who pretends to be his brother in the faith,” she adds.

For much more, tune in to this week’s episode of Faith & Reason. Have a wonderful weekend!

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