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WASHINGTON, D.C., November 27, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A new video of the White House’s Christmas decorations shows a beautiful traditional nativity set with a baby Jesus in a manger.

The White House's 2017 nativity set.

“The White House at Christmas traditionally has been a magical place for children,” The White House Historical Association explains. Since the 1800s, the White House has been home to Christmas trees (except under conservationist Teddy Roosevelt), elaborate decorations, and many Christmas parties and festivities.

A video released by First Lady Melania Trump shows Christmas trees, lights, bows, cookies, and ornaments decorating the White House for the Trumps’ first Christmas there.

The video zooms in on the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and baby Jesus of the White House nativity set. Baby Jesus is crowned.

It’s also customary for a giant gingerbread version of the White House to be created and displayed. This year’s version seems to make an appearance in the First Lady’s promotional video. It is largely white with red wreaths in the windows. Later in the video, the actual White House is shown to have very similar decorations.

When Melania first came out to greet some children working on the Christmas decorations some of them kept repeating that she looked like an angel.

Trump’s first official Christmas card hasn’t been released yet. The Obamas’ Christmas cards over the years referred to the “holidays.” 

Last December, Trump promised, “We’re gonna start saying Merry Christmas again!”

Trump mentioned “God” eight times in his first Thanksgiving message as President. Obama avoided using that word during his last Thanksgiving proclamation as president, and largely avoided thanking God directly during his previous proclamations.