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ORLANDO, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — Speaking to a receptive crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday morning, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted what has happened within the nation during the 14 months Joe Biden has been president.

“I have spent these last 14 months watching what’s going on in Washington with great trepidation,” said a newly fit and trim Pompeo.

The former Trump official said the nation has witnessed:

  • Governors that don’t wear masks but who are requiring 3-year-olds to do so;
  • A man breaking swimming records in girls’ swimming races;
  • A Russian dictator now terrorizing the Ukrainian people because America didn’t demonstrate the resolve that we did for the four years prior;
  • It’s now okay to steal something as long as it’s worth less than a thousand bucks;
  • The number of border-crossers on our southern border go up by four times, something that the Trump administration never would’ve permitted to happen;
  • The debacle in Afghanistan which resulted in 13 Americans not coming home to their families.

Addressing military, veterans, and their families, Pompeo said:

I know watching what happened in Afghanistan was hard, difficult, and depressing. Some of you have questioned whether your service was just wasted. As a former Secretary of State, I want you to know that the work that you did in Afghanistan saved American lives. I saw it first hand: Your work was noble and important. And this Secretary of State wants you to know that I love you, I thank you for your service, God bless you, you saved American lives.

Bring back ‘peace through strength’

The former Secretary of State cited President Ronald Reagan’s commitment to “peace through strength” as the model used throughout the Trump administration to keep the nation’s adversaries at bay.

“We put America first and we told people around the world, ‘You cannot tread on us,’” he recounted.

Biggest threats to our country emanate from within

“I could see that the greatest threat from abroad was the Chinese Communist Party,” said Pompeo, noting that Chinese spies are “in America’s colleges and universities, working on our local governments, our mayors, and our governors.”

“You should demand that your mayor, your county commissioner, your school board member, your governor does not kowtow, does not bend a knee to the Chinese Communist Party,” he advised.

“This is a nation with a deep Judeo-Christian footing, mooring,” said Pompeo. “We must defend it at every turn.”

Pompeo said that there’s no room to compromise on the things that matter most to grassroots Americans: “It is imperative that parents should get to direct their kids’ education, schools and churches should be open, and in our schools and churches, we should be teaching the greatness of the United States of America.”

“There is no threat greater to the United States than that which emanates inside our republic, emanates inside our school system. If we do not teach our children, the next generation, that we are not a racist nation, then surely the bad guys will come to be right about an America in decline.”

‘Let’s never give an inch’

“It is not true. We will prevent it from being so,” he added.

“Let’s be in the fight. Let’s never give an inch. Let’s never compromise,” said Pompeo as he concluded, urging his listeners to join him in saying, “This is the greatest nation in civilization and it is not going to change on my watch.”