Co-authored with John Jalsevac

OTTAWA, November 13, 2012 ( – The Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Ottawa Catholic school board has defended the recent appearance of Justin Trudeau, a well-known supporter of abortion and same-sex “marriage,” at one of the board’s schools for an “anti-bullying” event.

“Mr. Trudeau is a candidate for national office, he came to the school to discuss his experience with bullying as a child during St. Clare’s Bullying Prevention month. The visit was ‘on point’, age-appropriate and much enjoyed by all the children and staff at the school,” Mark D. Mullan told LifeSiteNews.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board mentioned Trudeau’s visit in a news report posted to their website.

The report says that Trudeau gave a general anti-bullying talk, relating how he was bullied as a child because of his father’s public political life. “You all know someone who’s maybe a little small, or not as good at sports,” he told the students. “It’s important not to push someone down, but help them stand up.”


Trudeau’s occasional appearances at Catholic schools have been a source of controversy in the past due to his positions on social issues.

In 2009 Trudeau openly acknowledged that his views are contrary to Catholic teaching in an interview with CBC.  “As a politician I have political positions on gay marriage and on abortion that don’t at all resemble those of the Catholic Church,” he said.

The issue of “anti-bullying” has become a contentious one in Ontario this year, due to the debate over the Liberal’s anti-bullying bill – Bill 13. The bill was explicitly amended at the 11th hour to mandate that all schools allow so-called gay-straight alliances. The province’s Catholic bishops had expressed opposition to allowing homosexual activist groups in Catholic schools.

Trudeau himself described Catholic opposition to the gay-straight alliances as “repulsive” in an appearance at a secondary school.

The Ontario Ministry of Education’s website for anti-bullying month activities and resources is topped by “Stories from GLBTT Youth” where “young people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and transgender (GLBTT) talk about the identity issues, the media, coming out, their family, their experiences in school.”

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