‘Truth over Fear’ COVID summit rescheduled after Big Tech censorship

The Truth over Fear Summit is now rescheduled to take place May 7–9, highlighting the truth about COVID-19, the Great Reset, and the experimental vaccines.
Thu May 6, 2021 - 1:14 pm EST
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Truth over Fear summit

LOS ANGELES, May 6, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — After Big Tech suddenly pulled the plug during the live conference last week, the Truth over Fear Summit is now rescheduled to take place May 7–9, highlighting the truth about COVID-19, the Great Reset, and the experimental vaccines.

The conference, organized by Patrick Coffin of Restore the Culture, was originally set to take place from April 30 through May 2. However, during a live presentation by Minnesota politician Scott Jensen, who was outlining the underhand financial incentives which hospitals are presented with in listing someone as having COVID-19, the website went down.

The nearly 50,000 registered viewers were left with blank screens and an error message. The site hosting platform, Kartra, which Coffin was using to host the event, reneged on the contract and left both viewers and organizers with broken internet links instead of talks.

In a press release announcing the new event, Coffin called the move “an obvious censorship attempt demonstrating the importance of the messages being presented. If there is one thing you should know about the featured speakers, it’s that the elite controllers don’t want you to hear what they have to say.”

The speakers themselves are prominent in their respective fields. Headlining the event is former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. He is joined by numerous doctors, researchers, legal specialists, journalists, and activists.

Among them are Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; China expert Dr. Steven Mosher; Bishop Athanasius Schneider; Dr. Judy Mikovits; hugely successful COVID-treating doctor Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.; concentration camp survivor Vera Sharav; and filmmaker G. Edward Griffin.

The event has been rescheduled to take place this weekend, with “a hard hitting collection of 40+ enlightening presentations from the most censored critics of the COVID narrative.”

Free to watch online, viewers can register for the event via this link, where the conference is being hosted on a different platform, while Coffin and his media outlet face shadow banning across the internet.

Speakers will address the many serious issues related to COVID-19, the hastily developed experimental vaccines, the globalist agenda called the Great Reset, and the manner in which the Catholic Church relates to these topics.

“The organizers and presenters at Truth Over Fear Summit invite all people of goodwill to join them in a worldwide listening session — whereby distractions, manufactured fear, and mind control cease for three days and the Easter Season is fully expressed in humanity refusing to allow an invisible enemy to cripple them. It is poetic that this important summit has been redirected by divine hands to the month honoring the Mother of The Church whose physical form highlights the dignity of all earthly mothers who have fought so hard to wake up the world to corruption.”

In an interesting contrast, the Truth over Fear Summit is now occurring in tandem with the Vatican’s controversial “health” conference, which is also taking place this week. Speakers at the Vatican’s virtual event include abortion advocates such as Chelsea Clinton; the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna, the former of which produces abortion pills; the Director of the National Institute of Health Francis Collins, who advocates using fetal tissue in research projects; the head of Google Health, David Feinberg; and COVID-czar Dr. Anthony Fauci of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

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Now “competing” with the Vatican’s health conference, which promotes abortion advocates and is funded by the contraception industry, Coffin notes that his rescheduled event is broadcasting worldwide on the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day when Allies declared victory in World War II.

The issues faced under totalitarian rule during the Second World War are among those which are re-emerging under the guise of COVID-19, notes Coffin: “‘Two weeks [of lockdown] to flatten the curve’ has turned into a never ending nightmare for free people and Christians everywhere. We see the following rights being denied over one year following lockdowns: Freedom to worship; Freedom of speech; Privacy; Freedom to work and provide for one’s family; Bodily autonomy; Education; Access to public services; Right to attend to dying loved ones; Right to die well with community and ceremony.”

With the renewed and increased interest garnered by the Big Tech censorship endured last weekend, the Truth over Fear Summit is set to “to inspire, educate, and support people of reason and of faith who are tired of the increasingly aggressive political correctness, groupthink, and oligarchic control that surrounds them.”

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