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February 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Fox News primetime commentator Tucker Carlson highlighted YouTube’s shutdown of LifeSiteNews’ channel on the world’s top video platform, calling it part of parent company Google’s opposition to the “distraction” of children.

This week, YouTube deleted LifeSite’s entire channel, including the entire library of videos published to it, effectively cutting off 300,000 followers’ access to this publication’s pro-life, pro-family content through that platform. The move was apparently in retaliation for a handful of recent videos about COVID-19 vaccines.

“Naturally, the Democratic Party is constructing a world designed to serve Jeff Bezos,” Carlson said during his Wednesday monologue. “You’re an afterthought in that world. If you get in the way, they will punish you. They already are punishing you. Your right to say and think what you want, to read and watch what you want, threatens them above all.”

“Why? Because if you have access to information, you can form your own judgments, judgments that are independent of theirs,” he continued. “A free internet is their enemy. The moment they took power they began a kind of counter-reformation against a free internet. They started the most sweeping mass censorship campaign in the history of this country. And it’s accelerating even now.”

“Yesterday, for example, Google pulled a pro-life news site off of YouTube,” Carlson went on. “Why’d they do that? Simple: Google supports abortion. A lot of big corporations do. It’s simple: Children distract the labor force. If you’re raising your family, you are not serving shareholders. Google doesn’t want to debate on those subjects, so they just shut the debate down. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers to LifeSiteNews will no longer be watching videos that question abortion, because they’re not allowed to.”

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