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(LifeSiteNews) — Tucker Carlson promoted a new independent documentary on the January 6, 2021, disturbance that he said “should be the most famous film in the United States” as it “shows you what actually happened at the [U.S.] Capitol” that day.

For the last three years, the media and the political “uniparty” made up of Democrats and Republican leadership has worked diligently to project and maintain a narrative that January 6 was an “armed insurrection” against the government of the United States led by President Donald Trump, Carlson explained in a January 8 commentary on his own new network.

The reasons for this are “because January 6th is a perfect way” for this ruling class “to get what it wants: to suppress the population, to keep Donald Trump from running for president again, and to put its enemies in jail,” Carlson explained.

And they have been successful at keeping many Americans in the dark on this by limiting what can be seen from that day’s events, he argued.

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Yet, ironically, “there’s probably no event in American history that was filmed by more people from more angles than January 6,” the former cable news star said. “And yet, until very recently, no one had put together a timeline” of that day’s events.

Despite the fact that the current Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, continues to suppress “to some extent” the U.S. Capitol’s surveillance video footage, “there’s still enough in the public domain that a group of filmmakers decided to put it all together,” Carlson explained.

“It’s called ‘January 6th: A True Timeline,’ and it should be the most famous film in the United States, but it’s not. We’re hoping that changes soon,” he continued.

“The movie lays out the day’s events, moment by moment. It shows you what actually happened at the Capitol from video that they did not shoot but collected once again from the public domain, in some cases from liberal journalists who were on the scene,” Carlson said. “And they discovered a lot.”

Contrary to the narrative put out by what Carlson calls “The January 6th special commission, the Fake Committee of Liars, who ‘investigated January 6th,’” the protesters did not “surge” to breach the Capitol after a 2:24 p.m. tweet by President Trump, but rather the Metro police at that moment “accidently teargassed themselves” and ran away from the scene. “And that left a path to the Capitol wide open,” he said.

In providing some other highlights of the film, Carlson noted how “there were more than 200 plainclothes federal informants in the crowd. Some of them were already inside the Capitol before it was ‘breached,’” he mocked, “before law enforcement opened the doors for the protesters, in some cases.” And given the inside presence of some of these agents, the host encouraged his viewers to “draw your own conclusions” on the purpose of this deployment.

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But many other standard police officers from D.C. Metro and the Capitol Police “had nothing to do with any kind of setup. In fact, they were the victims of it,” Carlson explained introducing the next clip. Police body cam video shows “cops repeatedly telling each other that leadership has failed them. And that’s true, and that they’ve been, quote, ‘set up.’”

Following the clip of officers repeating that they had been “set up to fail” and the like, Carlson commented, “Those aren’t racist insurrectionists. Those are cops. And they know exactly what happened. They got set up and so did a lot of people that day. It wasn’t like federal authorities didn’t know there was going to be a big demonstration. They knew very well. They had been talking about it for weeks,” he said. Thus, these police officers “knew what was up. They had been set up.”

Providing further clips from the film, Carlson highlighted the story of Jacob Chansley, who had been portrayed by the media as “a threat to public safety and completely out of control. But, of course, the tape shows just the opposite, as does this documentary.”

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“When Metro PD made their way to the Senate floor and asked Chansley to leave, Chansley complied immediately. He thanked officers and said, ‘God bless you’ as he left,” the pundit said before showing the clip.

Finding it absurd anyone could make the case based on this evidence that Chansley and his companions were “racist insurrectionists,” Carlson lamented that “Jacob Chansley did hard time in prison. But there he is [in the clip] telling cops he loves them as he walks peacefully, unarmed, out of the Senate chamber.”

The documentary also exposes that while President Trump was still speaking over a mile away at the White House, signage along the Capitol grounds designating the area to be “Closed” was quickly and easily removed, preventing many thousands of people who would be arriving after to understand they were entering a restricted area. Many would later be prosecuted for this violation.

Furthermore, the video appears to confirm that police violated the law when they failed to provide the crowd with the required three “clearly audible and understandable orders to disperse” before utilizing munitions upon them, which aggravated the crowd and injured many.

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“So, you may have concluded correctly that virtually everything you have heard screamed at you for three years about January 6th is a lie, and this tape proves it,” Carlson concluded. “It’s an hour long. It is well worth your time. We hope every American watches it and draws the obvious conclusion, which is that our leadership class is poisonous, power mad and dangerous. They’re the dangerous ones, not the people who showed up at the Capitol to protest the theft of their democratic election.”


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