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(LifeSiteNews) — Following the news of Hunter Biden accepting a plea deal from his father’s Department of Justice (DOJ), Tucker Carlson argued that while ordinary citizens would go to jail for “cheating on [their] taxes or violating federal gun laws,” such “princelings” may “do what they want” and avoid any real consequences.

It was reported Tuesday that U.S. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges in exchange for avoiding prosecution for a felony gun charge that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.

Conservatives have argued the arrangement shows the Department of Justice is protecting the Biden family as emerging evidence suggests Joe and Hunter engaged in overseas influence peddling and corruption.

Releasing a fifth episode of his new show on Twitter, Carlson quoted the House Oversight Committee characterizing its findings as “devastating”:

‘Bank records show the Biden family, their business associates and their companies, their many companies, received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their related companies,’ the committee wrote. Investigators had, ‘identified payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as vice president and after he left public office.’

These findings meant a tremendous “scandal,” the former Fox News titan commented. “Racketeering, money laundering, wire fraud: Those are some of the crimes the Bidens seem to have committed — in addition, of course, to selling out the United States for cash,” he said.

Former President and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump had predicted as much on June 6, stating, “They’ll hit Hunter with something small to make their strike on me look ‘fair,’” which Carlson quoted calling these remarks “prescient.”

“As far as Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is concerned, Hunter Biden is done! There was no pre-dawn raid carried live simultaneously on CNN. There was no perp walk, no handcuffs, no press conference. Above all, there was no felony. Hunter Biden, who broke federal gun laws, can still carry a gun. It’s like it all never happened,” Carlson said.

“In fact, the Justice Department just baptized Hunter Biden: a lifetime of sins washed away in an instant. It was a secular miracle,” said the former Fox News host, who built the highest-rated cable news show in history.

“Most miraculous of all, Hunter Biden somehow escaped a FARA [Foreign Agent Registration Act] charge,” he continued asserting Hunter “was a foreign agent” but “never registered as one,” explaining:

He sold access to his father and other lawmakers to the Chinese and the Ukrainians, and countries around the world. There’s no debate about that. The FBI has known about it for years. For years, they’ve had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop. But they didn’t charge him for it today. They never will. Why? Well, you know the answer. Hunter Biden has good genes.

Earlier in his monologue, Carlson asserted, “The only point of enforcing FARA after decades of ignoring it is to harass and imprison high profile political opponents.”

After decades of “precisely no one” ever being prosecuted for violation of this act, the DOJ prosecuted Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort, sending him to prison where he stayed until he was pardoned by his former boss.

“Last year, the DOJ went after Trump confidant Steve Wynn under FARA. But in the end, the Biden administration overreached so comically that the whole thing was thrown out by a judge. But they tried,” Carlson explained.

“So as long as they’re trying, if it was a fair system. Hunter Biden would be first on the list of those next to be charged with a FARA violation, in fact, many of them,” Carlson asserted.

Furthermore, the former television host chronicled how having no perceivable job, Hunter Biden took up painting several years ago and was somehow successful at selling prints, not the originals, of his “childish, self-indulgent blots” for $75,000 apiece, including five such mere copies in just days.

“That’s $375,000 in less than a week for signing copies of your fake art,” he said, adding the originals “sold for half a million dollars apiece.”

Another such arrangement involved publisher Simon & Schuster, which paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars in advance for a book deal. “Needless to say, the book sold miserably. But Hunter Biden got to keep the millions. And that was the point. And so on. This kind of thing apparently happened a lot,” Carlson said.

Wrapping up his message, he asked, “What can we learn from Hunter Biden’s plea deal today?” continuing:

First off, the obvious: For the children of the people in charge, there are no penalties. There are only upsides. They’re princelings. They can do what they want. You are not. Therefore, you can’t. So don’t get any ideas about cheating on your taxes or violating federal gun laws unless you want to celebrate next year’s Father’s Day through the glass in the visitor’s room. The rules definitely apply to you.

Adding a deeper and more “disturbing” lesson, Carlson observed, “What we’re watching through Hunter Biden’s life, and through the Biden administration now entering its third year, is the total inversion of virtue,” adding:

What was once considered admirable is now derided as stupid if not racist. That would include achievement, intelligence, honesty, self-control, humility. Those are features of the old America. Those were yesterday’s virtues. They are gone. In their place, all that we once considered contemptible and repulsive, we’re told to worship that now.

Proposing an example, Carlson pointed to the Biden administration’s hiring of Karine Jean-Pierre, whom he said had to be “the single dumbest, nastiest, most dishonest, most ridiculous person [Biden] could possibly find for the very public position of White House press secretary.”

The point of this, he said, was a “humiliation exercise” thqt is “designed to degrade the country and dispirit the rest of us.”

After showing a clip of Jean-Pierre describing herself as “a historic figure,” Carlson lampooned her statement as “a burst of sincere self-congratulation marked by her signature bad grammar. Illiterate but proud!”

“Of course, she’s proud. Karine Jean-Pierre is now a historic figure, just like Hunter Biden is now an important artist. It makes you feel stupid for going to work,” he concluded.


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