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Tucker Carlson is a guest on Redacted.YouTube

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(LifeSiteNews) — Tucker Carlson recently slammed the mainstream media for “covering” for serious financial and political crimes, such as the Federal Reserve’s inflation-inducing money creation, and boring people in the process. 

During a Redacted interview with independent media pundits Clayton and Natali Morris, Carlson cited big, left-leaning news outlets’ near-constant coverage of racially charged incidents as one way in which the media distracts from much bigger, more important issues.

“The truth is that the differences between races, which are real, are not that big, but other differences are big, [like] the difference between someone who makes $1 billion and a person who makes $50,000 a year,” said Carlson, who accused the mainstream media of trying to “gin up race hatred.”

The media personality believes such media coverage not only misrepresents the “level of actual racial hostility” but diverts the public’s attention from unjust wars and “financial crimes” in the process.

“Like the Federal Reserve prints all this money, trillions of dollars. They have a permanent emergency for over 10 years. Zero interest rates. Where does all that money go? … Well, it goes to a select number of banks which have encoded in regulation, have a special deal where they just get rich no matter what. Why is that fair?” Carlson said.

Indeed, an American will be hard-pressed to find media coverage of the inflation-inducing, financially harmful over-printing of money by the Federal Reserve (which is in fact not “federal” but a private entity), which has undergone a massive spike since 2020. Blogger Matthew Gilmore documented this in early 2021, predicting that the prices of goods, especially groceries, would soon “skyrocket” — as they did.

Carlson went on to question why Americans are taxed twice the amount for working as they are for investing, another example of an important national issue that goes untouched by the media.  

“So, we think investing is twice as virtuous as working? I mean, that’s like an actual debate we should have, but we don’t. Et cetera, Et cetera, because we’re mad about race.”

Highlighting the fact that alternative media is seen as “a major threat,” Clayton went on to ask Carlson whether he sees a “massive disconnect between the mainstream media and what alternative media is able to cover” today.

“I just think it’s dying. And the audience numbers show it,” replied Carlson, decrying mainstream media as “boring,” “in addition to all [its] other sins.” 

“And by the way, running cover for the most powerful people in your society and pretending you’re not doing it, that is a sin. Just to be clear,” said Carlson, without reference to a particular mainstream media outlet.

“But in addition to that, on a non-moral level … it’s very boring, and it’s boring for a specific reason,” Carlson continued, explaining that if the media’s mission is propaganda, then its journalists and talking heads have to repeat their point “endlessly” and cannot delve into issues they find “interesting,” like how the Egyptian pyramids were built.

A mainstream media journalist is “probably not” going to cover that, because their job is to convince the public that, for example, “Zelensky is Churchill,” and will home in on that propaganda point, or “whatever the lie is,” Carlson said.

“So they wind up repeating the same four stories forever. You know, January 6th was a white supremacist insurrection. Okay. I disagree. I don’t think you’re right. But if you tell me that every single day for three years, not only does your propaganda fail” because of its excessive repetition, said Carlson, “But you also drive me off because you’re boring me to death.”

“I want to hear something else. I want something interesting. I want curious people gathering my news,” said Carlson, pointing out that “curiosity is the key to the news business.”

Mainstream media outlets are “the opposite of that,” Carlson continued. “They’re like, shut up. We know how it happened. And if you ask any questions about how it happened, then you’re insane.”

“Their numbers are in such steep decline that NBC News is not going to exist in 10 years,” said Carlson, whereas a “homemade” show like Redacted has “huge” numbers. “And who would have predicted that? … Get in the studio with your wife and talk about things you think are interesting and all of a sudden my next-door neighbors are watching you every day.”

Natali suggested that there is a cost to their honest coverage, divulging, “I’m scared every day of the things that we talk about.”

She explained that she is afraid not only of “losing” the friendships she made while she was a part of the mainstream media but of other “fallout” that comes with publicly delving into particular issues.

“But at the same time, I care more about the world that we leave our kids. And you can’t say nothing right now. So that’s the reason that we do this, even though I’m always scared,” Natali shared. 

Clayton went on to ask Carlson whether there are any issues he is “scared” to cover.

“There are two. One is the 2020 election and I think that I was far too dismissive about some of the claims made about it, and I think there may be some merit to the wildest possible claims made about it,” said Carlson, apparently alluding to accusations of corrupt election meddling.

“The second thing that bothers me is the UFO story … If you talk to people who have actual knowledge of it … there are parts of that story that I do not understand at all, that are really, really, really dark. So dark that I haven’t told my wife about it,” Carlson revealed.

He has thus far posted two interviews to X discussing mounting whistleblower reports of UFO and “alien”-related government programs, most recently with former military intelligence officer Dave Grusch.

Carlson recently shared during a Timcast IRL podcast discussion hosted by Tim Pool that he believes the non-human beings the U.S. government has reportedly encountered are “not aliens” but are “spiritual” in nature.

“We can argue about what they actually are … there are forces that are not human that do exist in a spiritual realm of some kind that we cannot see,” Carlson concluded.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws