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(LifeSiteNews) — In the aftermath of the tragic mass murder committed by a gender-confused woman at a Christian school, Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared that the transgender movement is “targeting Christians.” 

The conservative commentator made the remarks on Tuesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show, one day after Audrey Hale — a self-identified “transgender man” — killed three 9-year-old children and three adults at a private Presbyterian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.  

“The trans movement is targeting Christians, including with violence,” Carlson said after pointing out that the tragedy was “not [an] accidental” shooting. “The trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity and therefore its natural enemy.” 

“In Christianity, the price of admission is admitting that you’re not God. Christians openly concede they have no real power over anything … The trans movement takes the opposite view. Trans ideology claims dominion over nature itself. We can change the identity we were born with, they will tell you with wild-eyed certainty. Christians can never agree with this statement because these are powers they believe God alone possesses, he said.

Carlson went on to argue that some supporters of the transgender ideology are “enrage[d]” that Christians reject their beliefs. “People who believe they’re God can’t stand to be reminded that they are not,” he said. 

“Christianity and transgender orthodoxy are wholly incompatible theologies. They can never be reconciled. They are on a collision course with each other. One side is likely to draw blood before the other side. Yesterday morning, tragically, our fears were confirmed.” 

The Fox News host also questioned the reasons for “some trans people [being] so angry” at “traditional Christians,” citing an NPR report that urged gender-confused individuals to “buy guns [and] if necessary, use them” against those who disagree with their beliefs. However, Carlson adds that “it is not an actual threat of violence from Christians that is inspiring some trans people to buy AR-15s,” despite mainstream media coverage that pushes the narrative that gender-confused individuals are in danger. 

He also said that the claim that there is a “rise in anti-trans violence” is “a provable lie” and stands in contrast to the reality that there “seem[s] to be” a “rise of trans terrorism.” 

After the shooting, an LGBT extremist group released a statement lamenting the rise in bans on child mutilation being enacted across the country and arguing that the shooter’s made for a “more complex” tragedy than the brutal murders of innocent Christians. Namely, that the shooter reacted in violence because she “had no other effective way to be seen,” the group claimed.

Similarly, left-wing political figures declared that another fatal shooting in Colorado — which was also committed by a gender-confused individual — was the result of “hateful” rhetoric about gender ideology. 

President Joe Biden’s press secretary shared similar sentiments during a briefing recently, telling reporters that the administration’s “hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.” 

Prior to the tragedy in Nashville, LGBT activists had planned a “Trans Day of Vengeance” to take place outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. this weekend, protesting state bans on child mutilation. The plans initially remained scheduled even after the shooting. However, organizers have now cancelled the event, citing alleged safety concerns that those who disagree with them would respond with violence.

Meanwhile, the Nashville police have revealed that the shooter owned seven firearms and kept them hidden at the house she shared with her parents, who verified that they didn’t think their daughter should be near weapons due to an “emotional disorder” for which she was being treated. Mainstream media has chosen not to highlight the fact that Hale was suffering from mental health issues prior to her deadly rampage.