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February 25, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Commenting on what he called the “profound social upheaval” being imposed on the rest of the nation by “America’s ruling class,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson turned the tables, applying their calls for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” on themselves, instead of regular Americans.

“America really is in the middle of a profound social upheaval,” Carlson said. “What we’re seeing is an actual history changing revolution. In place of Robespierre’s famous ‘Liberty, equality, fraternity,’ our HR departments have produced their own three-word revolutionary slogan: ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.’”

However, according to the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, this revolution is different, because “the working class is not the hero of this story. Our working class is the villain.” This revolution is “from above,” and it is “aimed straight downward.” It is run by college professors who write “radical literature, politicians put their words into practice,” and the big corporations which “pay for all of it.”

Thus, it is not surprising, Carlson said, that “for all their revolutionary fervor, the groups pushing this revolution leave their own power untouched. When you hear people talk about ‘dismantling systems of oppression,’ they’re not talking about themselves. They’re talking about you. This is a revolution expressly designed to empower the already powerful.”

After the death of George Floyd last summer, a better question to be publicly discussed, proposed Carlson, would have been: “Why was a 46-year-old man reduced to passing badly counterfeited $20 bills in a convenience store in the middle of the day? … Why was [Floyd] unemployed? How many other people like George Floyd are unemployed, and why?”

Instead of pursuing what may have been a very fruitful discussion on this topic, Carlson said, the media was focused on “the racial composition of the Minneapolis police department. “We were told the police there weren’t ‘diverse enough’ and that was a national emergency.”

When Black Lives Matter “mobs destroyed the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin,” the public was once again “informed that the main problem was a lack of diversity among Kenosha’s low-paid cops.” Their local media reported “in what sounded like genuine alarm, ‘the city’s police force is 89 percent white, while the city’s population is about 67 percent white,’” sending the message, according to Carlson, that “too many white hourly workers makes your city burn.”

Yet, while such standards of change are being imposed upon middle class workers, Carlson pointed out that in other areas of society, things have “stayed precisely the same.” These include the “residential segregation” enjoyed by Barak Obama’s “neighborhoods in Washington, Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard,” which “are probably less ‘diverse’ than they were a year ago. And that won’t change soon because too many people who have a lot of money live there. “

“But most striking of all,” with regards to places that haven’t changed, “have been the universities,” observed Carlson. And yet, the “overwhelming majority of the ideas behind this revolution come from college campuses. Everything you hear about ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic racism’ began as a lecture about deconstruction in some classroom in the 1990s.”

While Ivy League schools like Yale may have made some superficial changes, he says “what hasn’t changed at all is the kind of people who go to Yale in the first place. They’re rich kids from rich families who plan on staying rich.”

Supporting this assertion, he said that prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns, the median family income in the U.S. was $65,000 a year. “At Yale it’s three times that … [at] $192,000.” The University of Pennsylvania comes in at a $196,000 median family income, and Brown University at $204,000.

And these Ivy League schools, Carlson said, have “multi-billion-dollar endowments” which are “heavily subsidized by you through your tax dollars. So, they could afford to educate poor kids. They just choose not to.”

“Nobody seems to have any plans to change any of this,” he said. “‘Diversity’ is for wage earners, not for the people in charge. No one’s trying to diversify prestigious campuses, because in real life, let’s be honest, the lack of diversity is the real reason that people go there in the first place!”

“No one applies to Yale in order to learn things. That’s not the point. The point of going to Yale is to cement your position as a credentialed member of America’s ruling class. That’s the singular purpose of the experience, the only purpose. More than any other standard, more than any award in American society, an Ivy League degree increases the chance that those who hold it, in the end, will be giving the orders, not taking the orders,” Carlson said.

“That effect is real, and it lasts for generations. When you go to Yale, your grandkids probably won’t have to work construction. So, the question is, why should this arrangement continue? And that’s a serious question, especially now. If you’re going to dismantle systemic power — and we’ve decided we are going to — you probably shouldn’t start with unionized cops in Kenosha. You probably should start with systems that wield actual power.”

“America really does have a class system. They’re absolutely right about that. That system is getting more rigid by the day, and we should probably do something about it pretty soon or the next revolution might not be as peaceful as this one,” Carlson said.

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Both accounts displayed a simple message which read: “Biden names transgender ‘woman’ as Assistant Secretary of Health. ‘Rachel’ Levine is a father of two who divorced his wife in 2013 after 30 years of marriage.” The tweets also included a link to LifeSite’s article Biden names transgender ‘woman’ as Assistant Secretary of Health, and contained part of the opening sentence of that article, “Joe Biden has announced his intention to appoint a gender-confused man” as Assistant Secretary of Health.

For stating biological or Biblical truths, Twitter and Big Tech are trying to shut down conservative voices.

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This is not the first time that LifeSiteNews has been censored by Twitter. In December 2019, Twitter indefinitely suspended our account for a tweet that linked to an article on transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv.

At the time, Twitter gave LifeSite the option to delete the tweet and reactivate our account right away. LifeSite remained steadfast that the tweet did not violate any of the company’s “rules and policies,” and sought several appeals with Twitter, while looking into legal action against the company.

And, while LifeSite's account was eventually restored, we must now consider what course of action we will pursue in this case, over and above appealing the ban.

Meanwhile, since taking office on Wednesday last week, Joe Biden has already signed an executive order which will force women’s athletic programs, restrooms, and locker rooms to be open to men. He has also turned back the Trump administration’s policy protecting women’s sports programs in schools.

Last week, LifeSite was banned for two weeks from our YouTube channel, after the site determined that one of our videos about vaccines violated YouTube’s “community guidelines.” We are also in the middle of appealing this ban.

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Twitter just deplatformed President Trump premanently! And, other conservatives, including General Flynn and Sidney Powell, were also summarily deplatformed.

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We, here, at LifeSite, also recently had our Twitter account suspended by the company over "misgendering" a man who claims to be a woman.

LifeSite has also experienced a fall-off in Google search-related traffic since the company updated its search algorithms at the beginning of May.

And, since the November election, Twitter and Big Tech appear to have dramatically INCREASED their censorship of conservatives and Christians as the President Trump disputed the results of the election and when evidence of election fraud began to mount.

Now, it seems likely that they are trying to cut-off conservative leaders (like President Trump) from conservatives on the ground, and effectively exclude us from the national conversation.

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“So, here’s an idea: Beginning immediately, the top-ranked 50 colleges and universities in America should be prohibited, by force of law if necessary, from accepting students whose parents or grandparents went to college. No more rich kids. Harvard should be reserved exclusively for students who’ve never experienced the many advantages of living in a ruling class. If you’re for ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,’ there is no faster way to achieve it than this,” he said.

If this happened, Carlson pointed out, these colleges would be able to easily find new students, as many are “itching for the opportunity.” He mentioned the fact that the Biden administration recently announced they plan to “give amnesty and citizenship to an estimated 30 million foreign nationals now living in the United States illegally.”

And given “there is no plan to elevate any of these new Americans into our middle class,” Carlson asked, “why shouldn’t the children of impoverished illegal aliens go to Duke, Cornell, Stanford … [and] Princeton? Why shouldn’t they occupy every single bed on every single one of those campuses?”

Carlson anticipated an objection from a caricatured “Democratic donor” who wonders “if the Honduran immigrants get into Columbia, who’s going to work at the chicken plants?” He responded, “Oh, good question, we nominate the children of New York Times editors.”

“Now, New York Times editors might not like this arrangement very much … but at the same time, they are fanatically intent on sending their own kids to Yale … They definitely don’t want their kids working at chicken plants. They want them working at McKinsey. But the problem is, in a revolutionary moment like this, you can’t always get what you want — especially when you’re as committed to ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ as your average New York Times editor claims to be.”

“So, here’s our advice to the members of the ‘woke’ professional class at The Times and elsewhere, who are about to discover that their own rules might actually apply to themselves: Stop complaining. When you discover that your own children’s life plans have been thwarted due to some new imperative of social justice, don’t say a word. Don’t whine or moan or file a lawsuit. Don't even acknowledge it's happening. Just accept it,” he said.

“For years, you thought you had an exemption to the rules that you made. You imagined that ‘challenging power’ applied only to other people’s families. Sorry! The revolution has finally come for you. You pictured your kids graduating from the local Friends school and moving on to Cornell to immerse themselves in gender studies and international relations. Oh, but not anymore, it’s a new era. Again, an era that you designed. Now your kids will be taking the bus to a poultry processing facility in rural Iowa to begin their new lives serving the critical culinary needs of the people they replace, the ones now going to Cornell. And maybe someday, if they’re lucky, your kids can learn to code.”

“But no matter what happens to them over the next several generations — don’t fret. And once again, above all, don’t complain. Complaining is racist. Diversity is our strength. We’re a nation of immigrants. That’s the main idea of America, which you have often told us, is simply an idea, not a nation. Now all of this might be hard for you to see right now. It’s painful, and we get it. Because it’s happening to you, it might even seem unjust. Trust us, it’s not unjust, it’s the definition of justice,” he concluded.


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