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(LifeSiteNews) – Tucker Carlson has slammed Joe Biden for inviting a man who identifies as a “girl” to a small group discussion at the White House. 

“He just invited a man dressed as a woman to the White House to pretend that he’s actually a woman because, in this regime, they need to make you say things that you know are not true in order to completely subjugate and control you,” Carlson said.

Yesterday the Fox News host discussed Biden’s recent interview with 25-year-old Dylan Mulvaney, a man who uses TikTok to film scenes from his so-called “days of girlhood,” with athlete Riley Gaines.   

Gaines, a female swimmer from the University of Kentucky who tied for fifth place with biological male Lia Thomas at the NCAA Championships this March, speaks out against men calling themselves women encroaching on women’s sports and spaces.   

“Womanhood is not, and should not be, a mental disorder suffered by men,” Gaines told Carlson. 

Gaines finds Mulvaney’s imposture disturbing because he calls himself “a girl” and outrageous because he is appropriating womanhood.  

“He doesn’t use the term womanhood: he uses the term girlhood – how troubling is that?” Gaines asked 

“When I first see this, my first initial thought is, ‘Is this not akin to blackface?’” she continued as clips from Mulvaney’s TikTok videos appeared on the screen.  

“The African American community would – and rightfully so … be outraged if I put on makeup and came on here and identified as an African American and created TikToks called ‘Days of Blackhood.’” 

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Protect Girls from Sharing Locker Rooms with Boys — Reject New Title IX Expansions
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The Biden Administration has proposed a series of expansions to Title IX for all school districts — including “protection” for transgender students — attempting to "make clear that preventing someone from participating in school programs and activities consistent with their gender identity would cause harm in violation of Title IX.” 

School districts across America would force girls to share locker room with boys, changing and showering in the same areas, rooming together when traveling, and more — all if a boy says he’s a girl.  

*** Transgender accommodations are an alarming affront against the dignity and safety of girls and cannot be tolerated or implemented in America’s school districts. *** 

The dangers facing young girls are unimaginable. SEND A MESSAGE NOW to your State Board of Education: protect our girls and stop this insanity!

Florida’s state Department of Education is already sending memos across the Sunshine State, reminding school districts, private schools, charters, and more that they are not required to comply with the federal mandates — for now.  

Demand that every State Board of Education follow Florida's lead!

The proposed Title IX expansions are litmus tests to leftwing loyalty, meaning that leftwing school districts and states will be quick to attempt enforcement of these new “civil liberties” on their school children.  

The federal government will sure to add pressure on conservative districts like those in Florida — pressuring them to bow to the new ‘woke’ sexualized ideology of the left. 


The Hill has already begun running attacks against Florida’s conservative politics, stating that “Florida is not known for its LGBTQ+ allyship.”  

Propaganda pieces masquerading as news will only increase, pressuring lawmakers and school districts to bow to the leftwing premise that men can become women. We cannot allow this anti-science position to grip America’s school districts — endangering our nation's young girls. 

*** This federal attempt to change the meaning of sexual difference is an affront to each state's liberties — a danger to girls everywhere — and it must end now! *** 


Just last year, male prisoners pretended to be female in order to secure transfers to female-only prisons. This is a clear “gaming of the system” that anyone with common sense clearly sees.  

Now more than ever, Americans must raise a consistent and unwavering voice that science and truth in Title IX matters and must not be changed. The future — and safety — of our girls depends on separate sports, showers, dorms, and other spaces reserved for sexual difference.  

“LGBTQ+ allyship” means ruining sexual difference and eliminating the safety of female students because a boy claims to be a girl. We must stand firmly against this gender confusion.  

The federal government continues to experiment with our children, but by adding your name to this message, we can push back with one powerful voice that our school districts must follow the science and protect female integrity! 

Demand your State Board of Education follow the science: boys cannot become girls! SIGN NOW!



Florida DOE blasted by The Hill for not being an “LGBTQ ally”

Male cheerleader chokes teammate after pretending to be a girl

22 sue the Biden Admin for tying school lunch money to transgender bathrooms

Prisoners request transfer to female prisons after claiming they're women


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Gaines told Carlson that Mulvaney is a man with a fetish who gets “glee” from stereotyping women. 

“This is a man with a fetish who is gleefully putting together all the stereotypes of women like makeup, and the outfits, and having breasts, and carrying around tampons and having menstrual cycles, and all of these things, and using that to define what we are and what we stand for,” she said. 

Carlson began the show by reminding his viewers about the chaos in the world; chaos that he said the President of the United States, Joe Biden, ought to be concerned about. However, the President is ignoring the real problems, instead chatting with a man who pretends to be a girl.  

“Lot of chaos out there,” said Carlson. “Inflation is probably higher than it’s been in your lifetime. Nuclear war – a very real possibility, everyone agrees. You’d think the White House should be paying attention to these things, but Joe Biden is not. He’s got different priorities.” 

On Wednesday, Carlson tweeted a video of this interview with Gaines, saying that Biden does not have time to deal with the real problems because he is too busy endorsing things like “child mutilation.”  

“There are a lot of problems facing the country, like inflation and nuclear war,” he said in his tweet. “But Joe Biden is busy focusing on other priorities. Biden just invited a man dressed as a woman to the White House and endorsed child mutilation in the name of “gender affirming care.” 


“Is a self-described feminist going to point out how insulting this all is?” asked Carlson. “No, of course not. They’re all cowed into silence.”  

Gaines said that this treatment of womanhood is extremely demeaning and that praiseworthy women are not being recognised because the attention is on men who claim to be women.  

“It’s so demeaning,” said Gaines. “We have women out here who have accomplished amazing things… but they’re not being recognized for what they’ve accomplished. Instead, we’re recognizing a man who is claiming to be a woman and know womanhood better than … real women do.” 

However, Gaines thinks that there is a light at the end of the tunnel as women begin to wake up to what men appropriating womanhood are doing. 

“I think women are starting to realize that this is wrong; women are mad,” she said.