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(LifeSiteNews) — While the indictment of former President Donald Trump is certainly political – his being President Joe Biden’s most formidable rival for the next election – even more so, it is ideological due to his dissent from the perpetually undying “neocon war agenda,” according to Tucker Carlson.

In the third episode of his new show on Twitter, the former flagship Fox News host proposed Trump’s fate was sealed as early as February 16, 2016, when in a Republican primary debate he exposed virtually the entire uniparty in Washington for lying the United States into an invasion of Iraq.

“They lied and they said there were weapons of mass destruction,” Trump famously declared at that time. “There were none and they knew there were none!”

“That’s the day Donald Trump made a blood enemy of the largest and most powerful organization in human history, which would be the [U.S.] federal government,” Carlson explained.

“That was the one thing you were not allowed to say because it implicated too many people on both sides,” he said. “Hillary Clinton was guilty of it, but so was Paul Ryan. All of them were guilty. They all knew. They all lied. And to a person, they hated Donald Trump for exposing them.”

While back and forth politics don’t mean much in Washington, Carlson said what actually matters is “foreign policy: the invasions and occupations and proxy wars. The decisions that determine which global populations will thrive and which will die. The policies that come with trillion-dollar price tags. The ones that over time have made the counties around D.C. the richest suburbs in the world.”

Such priorities are obvious when elites decide to start a war and “no matter how foolish or counterproductive or obviously disconnected from America’s core interests that war may be… the leaders of both parties automatically jump behind it like circus clowns, and then they stay there sometimes for decades,” he explained.

When such a decision to support a war has been made, “no dissent is allowed. That’s the first rule of Washington, but somehow Trump didn’t bother to follow it,” Carlson said.

After his electoral victory, most of permanent Washington were devoted to thwarting Trump’s agenda. While many were public about this, “the stealthier ones… ingratiated themselves to the man… in order to subvert his new administration from the inside. There were a number of these, and you could spot them immediately. They were flatterers,” he observed.

Those “who flattered Trump the most hated him the most and disagreed the most strongly with his views.” They could regularly be seen in the White House at the time, “slobbering over their boss with elaborate self-abasement” in a way that was “filthy and decadent” and “false.”

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These included “Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Lindsey Graham, and the Congress. They all called Trump a ‘visionary genius’ up until the moment he lost power. And then they unsheathed their real agenda: as always, the neocon war agenda. And they piled on with maximum force,” Carlson explained, providing the example of Pompeo who publicly criticized Trump on Tuesday morning after flattering him “in the oiliest, most over-the-top way imaginable,” when serving as his secretary of state.

“Those of us who saw firsthand Pompeo’s relentless kowtowing will never forget it. It was indelibly repulsive. No one with self-respect could do something like that. But Mike Pompeo did it effortlessly with relish and verve,” he recalled.

Yet, “the prosecution of Donald Trump is transparently political,” the former cable news host affirmed. “He’s literally Joe Biden’s main political opponent. He’s pulling over 60 percent among Republican voters right now. So, Joe Biden is doing what no president has ever dared to do. He’s using law enforcement to lock up his chief rival. That’s happening right now. Anyone who denies it’s happening is lying to you.”

“But actually, it’s worse than that. Trump’s prosecution isn’t just political, it’s ideological. Nobody with Trump’s views is allowed to have power in this country. ‘Criticize our wars and you’re disqualified. If you keep it up, we’ll send you to prison.’ That’s the message Washington is sending.”

And voters are getting the clear message that “they have no power at all” to influence the policies of their own federal government which despite having spent $6.5 trillion last year, the nation’s infrastructure is “falling apart” and its people are struggling to make ends meet.

“And you wonder, as you see all of this, where did all the money go? It’s certainly not here. Well, it’s in Washington. It’s in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties and in leafy, perfectly manicured northwest D.C. And of course, a huge chunk of it went to Ukraine, to Zelensky and his friends,” Carlson recalled.

This is the case because those in power believe that “Ukraine, its borders, its future, its infrastructure, are more important than the town that you live in,” he said. “Everyone in power thinks that, except for Donald Trump.”

During a May 10 CNN Town Hall in New Hampshire, Trump vowed to have the war in Ukraine “settled in one day, in 24 hours” of his inauguration to the roaring approval of his audience.

In a March 16 video release, the 45th President professed “a complete commitment to dismantling the entire globalist neocon establishment that is perpetually dragging us into endless wars, pretending to fight for freedom and democracy abroad, while they turn us into a third-world country and a third-world dictatorship right here at home.”

Earlier that month, he told a very enthusiastic crowd at CPAC “we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the warmongers.” He went on to promise, “I am your retribution. I will totally obliterate the deep state… and we will restore the American republic to all of its radiant glory.”

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“Whatever else you say about him, Trump is the one guy with an actual shot at becoming president who dissents from Washington’s longstanding, pointless war agenda,” Carlson said. “And for that one fact, they are trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him.”

“And that should upset you more than anything that’s happened in American politics in your lifetime,” and this is also the case for those who would not vote for Trump.

“The destruction of our democracy, which is the right of voters to support any candidate they want – even candidates who don’t want war with Russia – the destruction of that [right] should keep you up at night,” he said.

“Yes, Donald Trump is a flawed man, but his sins are minor compared to those of his persecutors. In this life we don’t get to choose our martyrs. We can only choose our principles. And America’s are at stake,” Carlson concluded.

Trump pleaded “not guilty” on Tuesday to the more than three dozen federal charges levied against him related to his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House.

Tulsi Gabbard, who formerly served in Congress as a Democrat and ran for president in 2016, warned over the weekend that this political prosecution of the leading Republican candidate for president, “could be the final nail in the coffin of our democracy.”

Perhaps contrary to Biden administration expectations, since the news of Trump’s indictment broke, his poll numbers have risen. Morning Consult reports “Nearly 3 in 5 potential Republican primary (59%) voters back Trump for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination, up from 55% last week before news of his indictment.”  Trump’s nearest challenger is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is polling at 19 percent.


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