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Tucker Carlson of Fox NewsFox News / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his audience Monday that the “Biden administration just inserted itself with force” into the “hot war between” Russia and Ukraine.

“This means that the United States is now an active participant in a war,” he said. “We are at war with Russia.”

He said that although the war between the two Cold War rivals had not been declared officially, “that war is happening right now as we watch.”

In his opinion, various politicians in D.C. have been angling for war with Russia for years.

Carlson recounted an interview he did with Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell from 2017 where the two debated the now debunked Russia-gate hoax where it was alleged that Donald Trump was installed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In that interview Swalwell said that because of Trump’s alleged appointment as president by Russia, “we should do everything we can to expand NATO’s role and let Ukraine join NATO.”

“Getting Ukraine into NATO was the key to inciting war with Russia,” according to Carlson.

Carlson believes that this is the reason that Russia “just invaded Ukraine,” because Putin “didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO.”

Calling into question the notion that Putin is unhinged and has taken military action against Ukraine for solely ideological reasons, Carlson opined: “No one who knows anything and is honest will tell you Putin invaded Ukraine simply because he is evil.”

“Putin may be evil,” he added, “… but he also has strategic motives … whether or not you agree with those motives.”

Just before the armed conflict in Ukraine began in full, Vice President Kamala Harris was sent by President Joe Biden to represent the United States. “At a public press event with the Munich Security Conference, Kamala Harris encouraged Ukraine to become a member of NATO.”

In Carlson’s opinion, this was akin to Harris saying to Putin: “Go ahead and invade Ukraine.”

The Biden administration “knew what would happen, that was the point” of Harris’ words, according to the Fox News host.

Saying that the real reasons behind a desired war with Russia were unknown, Carlson reiterated that “Washington has been fixated on war with Russia for a very long time.”

Carlson pointed to the attempt to impeach Donald Trump. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was at the heart of that effort. Trump had reached out to his Ukrainian counterpart to solicit information about President Biden and his son Hunter’s activities in Ukraine. These events are part of the controversy that has become the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

The Fox News host does not think these events are unrelated, and went as far as suggesting that the Democrats have encouraged a war with Ukraine for strategic purposes.

In addition, Carlson stated that numerous members of the Republican Party also want war with Russia, especially Sen. Lindsey Graham. In 2016 while in Ukraine, Graham said that “all of us will go back to Washington and will push the case against Russia, enough Russian aggression.”

Long established politicians in Washington, which Carlson calls “permanent Washington,” understood “that the second Vladimir Putin’s forces rolled across the border into Ukraine, we would inevitably be on a course toward war with Russia.”