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(LifeSiteNews) — Tucker Carlson just released what may be the most important — and most disturbing — documentary in the last 10 years. To put it briefly, “Biden Inc: Name Your Price” exposes in a simple and straightforward manner the criminal racketeering operation that now passes as the United States government.

At the outset of his two-part Fox Nation report (which requires a subscription to watch), Carlson tells the viewer straight up what they’re in for. “What you’re about to see is the definitive account of how the FBI, the intelligence agencies, and the American news media coordinated to rig a presidential election and change the course of history.”

Carlson accomplishes this in such a convincing fashion that he should sleep with armed guards surrounding his bed. If he wasn’t already, he has just made himself public enemy number 1 to some very powerful (and very evil) people in Washington, D.C.

Carlson relies on verified text messages, former confidants of the Bidens, and eyewitness testimony to show how the FBI, CIA, Big Tech, and the mainstream media worked together to ensure Joe Biden was elected president in 2020. There are moments in the documentary where you can feel the evil that was carried out by these serial liars.

“The institutional centers of American life — the media, the tech companies, federal law enforcement — are not fully committed to protecting the people in charge at all costs,” Carlson forcefully states. “They are rotten to the core. And the way they dealt with the Hunter Biden laptop story proves it.”

Among those Carlson enlists to rip the mask off the Biden crime family is former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski tells Carlson that he and several others, including Hunter and Jim Biden — Joe Biden’s brother — formed an LLC that was supposed to be 50-50 with a Chinese company called SinoHawk Holdings. The deal eventually fell through, but only after Hunter told Bobulinksi his dad wasn’t comfortable with some of the details. Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping was reportedly aware of the partnership as well.

The Bidens eventually left Bobulinski, who went to the FBI with what he knew, only to be ignored, in the dust. They ended up making boatloads of money off China, Russia, and Ukraine on their own, primarily by having Hunter act as the conduit between corrupt oligarchs and politicians seeking influence with his father.

Carlson provides ample photographs, text messages, and other irrefutable evidence as proof that Joe and Hunter were collaborating to ensure that “the family business,” as one Hunter text message to his sister called it, was booming. Another way to describe this type of behavior is called taking bribes. LifeSite spoke to Jack Maxey, who is also featured in Carlson’s documentary, about the Biden family’s dealings in March 2021. Watch that interview below:

Carlson’s reporting on the cover up of Hunter Biden’s laptop is perhaps the most infuriating part of the documentary. Why? Because it reveals the sinister lengths intelligence officials and the media went to ensure the truth about the Biden family wouldn’t get out.

When the laptop story was first released by the New York Post, the Bidens were dead to rights. Everything that the drug and sex-addicted Hunter was doing was exposed for all to see. But instead of acting like it was a real story worth pursuing, mainstream outlets like CNN immediately denounced it as “Russian disinformation” coming from a “tabloid” newspaper. Carlson’s documentary provides a barrage of clips so viewers are aware of which journalists were carrying out the Deep State’s marching orders.

Twitter and Facebook soon followed suit by banning the story from their platforms. After that, 50 former U.S. intelligence officials wrote a joint letter dismissing it as just another way that Russia was trying to interfere in America’s elections. Carlson’s documentary does an excellent job at identifying the treasonous men who added their names to that letter.

When Biden was asked about the laptop during the presidential debate, he not only denied he had any knowledge about “Hunter’s business dealings” but cited the letter written by the intelligence officials as proof it was a bogus story. If your blood doesn’t begin to boil by the time Carlson’s documentary gets to this part, you don’t have a soul.

The obvious level of coordination that occurred between the intel communities, Big Tech, and the media to run interference for the Biden family is perfectly laid out by Carlson and his team of editors. In a just world, those involved in the cover-up would be thrown in jail and Carlson would receive an award for exposing them.

Carlson’s documentary doesn’t end there, however. It concludes by revealing just how vindictive the intelligence community really is. The last 10 minutes updates viewers on how those who exposed the laptop story in the first place, including Rudy Guiliani and Steve Bannon, have been raided by the FBI. “This is not a game,” Jack Maxey says at the ending of the film. “The bad actors who are involved are some of the most dangerous people in the world … they exist to cover up their own bad actions.”

“Biden Inc: Name Your Price” is easily one of Tucker Carlson’s most praiseworthy ventures yet, and that’s saying a lot considering everything he has done. Do yourself a favor and watch it by clicking here as soon as you can.