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(LifeSiteNews) — Father James Altman, Jack Maxey, and Liz Yore once again join John-Henry Westen on this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, in which they discuss Maxey’s return to X, formerly known as Twitter, revelations in an interview of a biographer of former President Barack Obama, and the madness surrounding World Youth Day.

Last week, Twitter/X reinstated Jack Maxey’s account after over 800 days of suspension. The reinstatement follows a LifeSite campaign which demanded that Maxey’s account be reinstated after being suspended in March 2021. 

Expressing gratitude and joy at the reinstatement, Maxey also recounted some of the events that led up to the initial suspension. Maintaining that people in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and intelligence community asked Twitter to suspend his account, Maxey related that he received a letter 10 hours before the suspension claiming that “somebody in the Twitter family had informed them that I was thinking about committing suicide.” 

Maxey also recalled that he was receiving wellness checks from friends of his within the intelligence community around the time of the suspension, and that a sniper friend of his told him that he would be killed if he didn’t “post enough online to make them know I could post at all.” 

“I don’t think there are any coincidences, and I don’t think that we look like conspiracy theorists to look back in recent modern history and just catalog the number of people who seem to have gotten crossways with those at the top who do end up committing suicide,” Maxey opined. 

Yore, reacting to Maxey, asserted that the American public suffered as a result of the initial suppression, and that the statute of limitations of the crimes Hunter Biden allegedly committed expired.

“This was concerted, directed at Jack because of the information and the truth that he wanted to release to the American people, which they were entitled to have,” Yore stated, adding that what happened to Maxey was “censorship.” 

Also last week, Tablet Magazine interviewed David Garrow, Pulitzer prize-winning biographer of Martin Luther King, Jr. and self-professed progressive who also published the 2017 book Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama 

Among the allegations Garrow makes in the book and the interview are that Obama’s autobiography Dreams of My Father is historical fiction rather than biography, and that Obama wrote in a letter to a then girlfriend that he fantasized about sexual relations with other men.

Maxey, reacting to the interview, recalled that Obama won a state Senate seat in Illinois after the divorce papers of his opponent were released, something Maxey says was the doing of a man called Jeff Cooper, a man who has business ties to Hunter Biden.

“You can look up Jeff Cooper on the White House logbooks during Obama’s tenure there, he was there half a dozen times,” Maxey noted. “He flew on Air Force Two with Joe Biden down to Mexico with Hunter to try and buy Pemex from the Mexican government. These are crooked, crooked people, and they’re all connected.” 

Fr. Altman reacted to Maxey by opining that people will not “be able to do anything when you have this massive layer of functionaries through which we can never rise above to take them out,” referring to the intelligence bureaucracy. “There’s this group above them that are actually running the show.” 

“Until we get the names, until we get accountability, nothing’s ever going to change,” he continued. 

Maxey, responding to Altman, said that as people lost faith in God, they have become afraid of the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus, as well as “other mechanizations of secular power.” He also stated that while there are “fine people” in the intelligence community, the intelligence apparatus is “so compartmentalized” to the point where one person cannot see what another is doing. 

Pope Francis, meanwhile, in remarks made at World Youth Day, said that seminarians should more readily play soccer than “dogmatize,” abandoned a prepared homily to improvise one because he thinks homilies bore the youth, and insisted that the Church was for “everyone.”

A photograph of a girl named Savannah Dudzik praying before the Eucharist kept in gray storage boxes at World Youth Day also went viral online. 

Reacting to the Pope’s remarks, Yore commented that “we better start gearing up for what is going to be happening,” referring to the Synod on Synodality. “We just have to look at World Youth Day to see … how superficial [this is],” she continued, adding that Francis was going to “engage the young people in this new agenda that he’s going to be presenting at the Synod on Synodality.” 

Altman, commenting on how the Eucharist was reserved at World Youth Day, noted: “This is as old as Exodus [chapters] 25 to 31 … You don’t improperly handle things that are sacred.” He also noted that the organizers of World Youth Day “certainly thought well enough ahead to have ready access with plastic bins.” 

“If you need a place … with Swiss Guards around it to protect the Holy Eucharist, then that’s what you do,” he stated. “They certainly had plastic bins in a separate place, staggeringly unpreserved and unprotected. … The question [of why this happened] doesn’t even come about in the first place because there’s adequate, sufficient sacred vessels at the consecration.” 

For all this and more, tune in to this week’s episode of Faith & Reason.

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