WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb 17 (  Yesterday, at a meeting of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association (NHPRHA), TV mogul Ted Turner called for an international “one-  child policy.” While making degrading jokes about the Ten Commandments, Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, Turner spouted the usual paranoid population control propaganda suggesting that world population must be cut by more than half to “about 2 billion.”

The more time he has on his hands the more arrogant Mr. Turner appears to get. “People who think like us may be in the minority, but we’re the smart ones,” he said. Waxing eloquent, he said opponents of population control are “a whole bunch of dummies,” reported the Washington Times.  Typical of the movers and shakers behind the international population control movement, Turner uses every means available to further his depopulation agenda. This includes abortion,  contraception and sterilization, especially in the third world. It also includes relationships to advance the non-reproductive agendas of the feminist and homosexualist movements. The success of these lobbies, however, is completely dependent on their role in advancing the overall goal of depopulation. Thus, the individuals in these groups are often expendable.

A shining example was reported Monday when feminist Gloria Allred revealed that Turner’s CNN banned her from the last seven months of Clinton/Lewinsky coverage. Matt Drudge reported that Allred frequently appeared on CNN since its inception in 1980, but her calling for the resignation of US President Clinton based on his ethical misconduct in the Lewinsky affair made her persona non grata with CNN.