HOLLYWOOD, Mar 2 ( – This April 22-28 an expected 7 million individuals around the United States will voluntarily turn off their TV sets for seven days, hoping to rediscover that life can be more constructive, rewarding and healthy without television.

The fifth annual “National TV-Turnoff Week,” coordinated by TV-Free America, is endorsed by more than 56 national organizations, including the American Family Association, the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. TV-Free America is a national non-profit organization that encourages Americans to voluntarily reduce the amount of television they watch.

“National TV-Turnoff Week succeeds because it is a fun event. Instead of watching, families are talking and doing things together, children are playing and exercising,” said Mim Noorani, program director at TV-Free America. “For many it’s a welcome revelation that the day doesn’t end when prime-time begins.”

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co. (1998), the average American watches 3 hours and 46 minutes of TV each day (more than 52 days of nonstop TV-watching per year). By age 65 the average American will have spent nearly 9 years glued to the tube.

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Source: American Family Association