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August 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A former CNN employee tweeted over the weekend that Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is an “evil” whom Americans “need to eradicate,” yet Twitter has decided the comment doesn’t violate its own standards against posting hate.

In the wake of the weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Conway tweeted a call for Americans to set aside partisan differences to “understand depraved evil & to eradicate hate”:

Reza Aslan, whom CNN fired in 2017 for calling President Donald Trump a “piece of s‑‑‑,” responded Sunday with a tweet stating simply, “You are ‘the depraved evil’ we need to eradicate”:

The tweet is still up, and The Daily Wire reports that a Twitter official who wasn’t authorized to speak on the record told them that “this tweet does not break our rules at this time.”

Twitter’s tolerance seems to be the latest case of political double-standards at the social media giant, which holds the mere act of “misgendering” someone — i.e., referring to a user by his sex rather than his preferred “gender identity” — to be “hateful conduct.”

Aslan has a history of inflammatory comments on social media, including his infamous tweet that Covington Catholic High School Student Nick Sandmann has a “punchable face,” for which he currently faces a defamation suit. He has dismissed criticism of his “eradicate” tweet as “b‑‑‑‑‑‑‑” and instead argues that his call to “eradicate” a specific person was not at all different from Conway’s call to “eradicate hate.”