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(LifeSiteNews) — Twitter has censored a video showing official statistics from the Australian government detailing adverse reactions to the COVID-19 injections in children, calling the tweet “misleading.”

On November 24, Caldron Pool posted a video to Twitter, showing a scrolling image of the Australian government’s official data detailing adverse reactions for children under 15 in a one-month period, October 1 through November 11.


The video shows data from the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which lists nearly 800 reports of adverse effects following administration of the injection in children under 15 years old. Some of the reactions included myocarditis, pericarditis, appendicitis, nausea, skin reactions; and difficulty with vision.

Nine children under the age of 12 were also listed on TGA’s data sheet, who had received the injection in “error.” “Product administered to patient of inappropriate age,” reads the description.

The short video was presented with the caption: “Covid Vaccine Adverse Event Reports for Australian children 15 years and young in just over one month (October to November). There were 9587 reports in total over all age groups with 77 reported cases of death.”

Following Twitter’s intervention, the tweet cannot be shared, except to “quote” it, nor can users of the Big Tech social media site comment or like the post.

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PETITION: Ban Critical Race Theory in public schools
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The dangerous ideas of Critical Race Theory (CRT) are being forced on students in public schools around the country.

This is wrong and parents have had enough! It's time to join them in saying "STOP!" to this harmful and racist propaganda.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition which says "No to CRT" in public schools, and "Yes to parents' right" to strongly protest CRT.

But, what is CRT anyway and why is it so dangerous?

Critical Race Theory is a hateful system of indoctrination which teaches that one race is either superior or inferior to another race, and that the United States is inherently racist.

CRT is dangerous and hateful precisely because it teaches children who are not white to despise and envy white children simply because of their skin color. And, as a result, it also teaches white children to despise themselves simply because of the color of their skin.

CRT also erroneously teaches that American society is inherently racist, and that different, detrimental policies (like reparations for slavery and race-based pay scales) should be imposed on the population to redistribute wealth from whites to non-whites.

This type of racist/marxist propaganda should have NO place in public, taxpayer-funded schools!

And, thankfully, American parents of EVERY COLOR are raising their voices and ballots against it!

Indeed, parents understand the destructive ramifications of CRT and, despite outrageous threats from Biden's Justice Department to prosecute them, they have been strongly protesting CRT at school board meetings across the country!

And now, in the first test of its kind, a candidate who was campaigning hard against CRT just won the governorship of Virginia in a huge upset victory.

That's great news, but we now need to contact every state legislature about this crucial educational issue.

And, we need to DEMAND that they BAN Critical Race Theory from every public school in their states - both primary and high schools, and colleges!

Whereas advocates of CRT seem more intent on vengence than on teaching children of every race to respect everybody, regardless of skin color, American parents of every race understand that it is not the color of one's skin that matters, but the content of one's character (to paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr.).

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition asking all state legislatures to BAN Crititical Race Theory from public schools in their respective states.

Thank you!


'States are fighting the Left over the morally bankrupt critical race theory' -

'Parents who oppose Critical Race Theory in schools could be prosecuted by FBI' -

Ohio parents testify: Yes, critical race theory is in our schools, and we say NO! -

An excellent Heritage Foundation document on CRT: Critical Race Theory Would Not Solve Racial Inequality: It Would Deepen It

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Twitter’s warning bears the message: “Misleading! Learn why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people.”

“In other words, because the vaccine is ‘safe for most people,’ we are not to talk about those for whom the vaccine is not safe,” commented Caldron Pool. “Can we even consider our choices in this regard ‘informed,’ if unfavourable data is actively being suppressed, hidden, and dismissed as ‘misleading’?”

Official government data as of December 8 record 2,072 deaths linked to COVID-19 since the arrival of the virus into the country, with a reported 222,261 positive cases of the virus. Based on these reported statistics, that would provide an infection fatality ratio of 0.93%. The figures do not specify how many people died of COVID-19, rather than merely with it.

The vaccination rollout began for Australians in late February 2021, and by December 7 a total of 39,839,258 injections have been given to Australians. From February 22 through November 24, a total of 86,577 adverse events following vaccination have been voluntarily reported to the TGA, with 679 fatal outcomes following vaccination.

However, the true figure of adverse reactions and deaths is likely to be much higher, as a 2010 report submitted to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality warned that the U.S. vaccine side effects reporting system, VAERS, caught “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events.”

Australia began injecting children aged 12–15 on September 13, and plans are now being established to inject children from as young as five, beginning in mid-January.

Yet despite the insistence on expanding the injection campaign to young children, official figures for children aged 10–19 who have died with COVID-19 show that only 2 people in the age group have died.