Twitter deletes fake LifeSiteNews page linking to Paypal acct named after gay activist

A big thanks to LifeSiteNews fans who alerted us to the suspicious account!
Thu Nov 22, 2018 - 1:12 pm EST
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A screen grab of the fake Twitter account @lifesitenews. SOURCE: Twitter / Screen grab

FRONT ROYAL, VA, November 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A fake Twitter account impersonating LifeSiteNews asked readers of the pro-life and pro-family website to follow it and unfollow our real account.

The fake account asked people to donate to a Paypal account that was in the name of “Adam Flanders,” a pro-homosexual activist who recently compelled the company that hosted our website to kick us off their servers.

A Nov. 18 tweet from the fake account @LifeSiteNews stated: “Please Follow Us Here @LifeSiteNews. Following a recent attack by a homosexual activist, our other account is in jeopardy so we are migrating everything here. Please unfollow @LifeSite and don't forget to donate using the link in our profile! God Bless!”

Screen grab of tweet from fake account. SOURCE: Twitter / Screen grab

A number of LifeSiteNews fans alerted us to the suspicious account. We reported the account to Twitter and it was suspended within two hours.

LifeSiteNews fans who visited the fake account were presented with a Paypal link, misleadingly titled “” Clicking on the link brought one to a Paypal donation page. The name appearing on the page was none other than “Adam Flanders,” the LGBT activist and convicted sex offender who has tried to shut down LifeSiteNews — and who has succeeded in shutting down other pro-family websites — with even less savory tactics, like threats and scare tactics.

LifeSiteNews fans who visited the fake account were presented with a Paypal link, misleadingly titled '' SOURCE: PayPal / screen grab

It is unclear if this Paypal page is run by the real Adam Flanders or someone who is impersonating him. LifeSiteNews has also reported the impersonation to Paypal, demanding it remove the fraudulent page.

Last month, Flanders attempted to shut LifeSiteNews down by harassing our old web-hosting company for months. On a Saturday night, we were given 12 hours to move our site elsewhere or be shut down. Fortunately, our hard-working staff managed to switch web-hosting companies and keep us running.

Flanders was convicted of the misdemeanor crime of Sexual Abuse of a Minor on August 27, 2008, for which he served approximately 6 weeks in county jail. He is a registered sex offender in both Maine and California.

On Twitter, you’ll find us @LifeSite as usual.

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