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SAN FRANCISCO (LifeSiteNews) – Twitter quietly announced before Thanksgiving a change to its COVID policies which could be good news for dissenting voices on the efficacy of masks and injections, and for proponents of alternative coronavirus treatments.

“Effective November 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing the COVID-19 misleading information policy,” a short note on the company’s website stated.

The policy change could be further proof that new owner Elon Musk is committed to free speech and reopening the tech platform for open debate.

Big Tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google colluded in 2020 on “combating fraud and misinformation about the virus,” as reported by tech website The Verge.

However, the Big Tech platforms frequently censored content about COVID-19 that turned out to be true. For example, Facebook suppressed stories that suggested COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, but later had to backtrack as more evidence came out that provided credence to that theory.

Twitter, prior to Musk’s acquisition, banned the personal account of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene after she posted a series of tweets about COVID, all of which contained factual comments about the virus.

For example, Congresswoman Greene said that COVID was not dangerous unless someone was obese – while there are other comorbidities associated with higher COVID deaths, her point is clear in that otherwise healthy individuals do not need to fear serious COVID cases.

“After Covid, Government mandates unnecessary vaccines for low risk people. Knowing 90% of deaths are 50+ and w/ obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions, the Gov ignores treatments,” Greene also tweeted.

Public health officials have also made claims about the efficacy of vaccines that later turned out not to be true. Officials said that the COVID jabs would prevent transmission of the virus and that the vaccinated could not spread it, statements that later turned out to be false.

Facebook also banned LifeSiteNews in 2021 for a story about post-COVID jab deaths, backed up by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data.

Some on Twitter celebrated the decision.

“Twitter is no longer policing COVID misinformation: Good!” Professor Vinay Prasad at the University of California-San Francisco wrote. Prasad is a trained epidemiologist and a critic of COVID policies such as the forced masking of kids.

“This policy was used to silence people across the world who questioned the media narrative surrounding the virus and treatment options,” Dr. Simone Gold wrote on Twitter. “A win for free speech and medical freedom!”

Meanwhile, conservative comedian Steven Crowder joked that “I can finally tell you that the vaccine doesn’t work, masks are useless, & the lockdowns did more harm than good. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

The news comes as a lawsuit develops against senior White House officials, including Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Dr. Anthony Fauci, for alleged collusion with Big Tech companies to silence critics of the administration’s COVID policies.

The attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri have uncovered communications which prove Big Tech companies regularly met with White House officials to coordinate on the censorship of COVID “misinformation” and other initiatives.

“Beyond DOJ, Meta [Facebook] identified 32 additional federal officials including White House Officials who communicated with them, and YouTube identified 11 federal officials including White House Officials who communicated with them, many of whom were not disclosed by DOJ,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt wrote. “This is a vast censorship enterprise, and the American people deserve to see the truth.”