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January 27, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Continuing the trend of Big Tech censorship, Twitter announced on Monday that it would begin allowing certain users of its social media platform to “fact-check” tweets, with the ability to add notes if they discern the content to be “misleading.”

To this end, Twitter has created Birdwatch, a “community-based approach to misinformation.” The users who are selected to be part of the community watch will be asked “to identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading and write notes that provide informative context.”

Twitter envisages that the new initiative will enable them “to respond quickly when misleading information spreads.”

The program is currently in the pilot stage of development. Americans using Twitter who have not violated the platform’s “Rules and Policies” are eligible to join the program. While Twitter will be starting with 1,000 community users for now, the hope is to extend the program to 100,000 users.

Anybody can attempt to sign up for Birdwatch at the official website.

In an attempt to quell fears that the platform is building an army of politically motivated censors, the company said it is focused on “ensuring [Birdwatch] isn’t dominated by a simple majority or biased based on its distribution of contributors.”

Keith Coleman, vice president of product at Twitter wrote that, currently, “[we] apply labels and add context to tweets, but we don’t want to limit efforts to circumstances where something breaks our rules or receives widespread public attention.”

“We also want to broaden the range of voices that are part of tackling this problem, and we believe a community-driven approach can help,” Coleman said.

According to Twitter’s announcement, “people valued notes being in the community’s voice (rather than that of Twitter or a central authority) and appreciated that notes provided useful context to help them better understand and evaluate a Tweet (rather than focusing on labeling content as ‘true’ or ‘false’).”

Despite the nod towards impartiality in Twitter’s statement, Big Tech companies have been ramping up their efforts to silence conservative voices. Social media giant Facebook admitted back in December that it had “temporarily” introduced algorithms that populated users’ news feeds with “authoritative” news sources over what it described as “hyperpartisan” outlets during the 2020 presidential election cycle.

In the last few days, Twitter has banned two of LifeSite’s accounts for tweets that linked to an article on our website addressing Biden’s cabinet appointee “Rachel” Levine — a man who pretends to be a woman.

The Twitter ban follows a decision last week by YouTube to ban our channel for two weeks, allegedly for a video on vaccines violating “community guidelines.”

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