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SAN FRANCISCO (LifeSiteNews) — Social media giant Twitter announced that it’s relaunching a series of “steps” in order to “protect” the 2022 midterm elections against “misleading narratives.”

“Starting today, we’ll begin enforcing the Civic Integrity Policy in context of the US 2022 midterms,” Twitter stated in a Thursday morning announcement.

“This means we’ll take action against misleading claims about the voting process, misleading content intended to intimidate or dissuade people from participating in the election, or misleading claims that may undermine public confidence in elections outcomes,” the company added.

One of the steps Twitter is taking to allegedly “protect” the midterms is to bring back “prebunks” to “get ahead of misleading narratives on Twitter, and to proactively address topics that may be the subject of misinformation.”

The social media giant said its prebunking strategy will mean placing “prompts directly on people’s timelines in the U.S. and in search when people type related terms, phrases, or hashtags” deemed false or misleading in the months leading up to the November elections.

Twitter famously “prebunked” then-President Donald Trump’s tweets about the potential for voter fraud ahead of the 2020 election, flagging his posts and directing users to read information contradicting his claims.

Twitter’s move to allegedly safeguard the 2022 midterms has drawn backlash from opponents of Big Tech censorship, who point out that the platform hasn’t had a strong track record when it comes to freedom of speech.

Over the past two years, Twitter and other media platforms have taken such radical steps as permanently banning the sitting president of the United States, silencing people for rejecting transgender ideology, and engaging in politically-motivated crackdowns on material damaging to the Biden campaign, such as the scandalous Hunter Biden laptop story that turned out to be true.

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“Here we go again,” The Daily Wire’s official Twitter account reacted.

“Not sure many trust this,” remarked podcast host Wayne Dupree.

Satire site News That Matters also joked that Twitter had “hired Hunter Biden to lead the implementation of its new Civic Integrity Policy ahead of midterm elections.”

Conservatives are generally expected to score big wins in the 2022 midterms, but right-wing voices have warned about potential moves to “rig” the election for Democrats.