By John-Henry Westen

WINNIPEG, April 1, 2009 ( – Despite mounting evidence, two Canadian Archbishops have declared the (LSN) reports on the funding of numerous abortion advocacy groups by D&P around the globe to be false (See coverage of the D&P denials here:

In a March 23rd letter to his archdiocese, James Weisgerber, Archbishop of Winnipeg and the current President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, said that the accusations against D&P are “untrue.”

“There have been public accusations made that Development and Peace is funding partners in Mexico and in Bolivia, partners who are involved in or supportive of abortion,” said the letter. “The Conference of Bishops has been in constant contact with the Board and administration of Development and Peace and they have assured us, with all necessary documentation, that these charges are untrue.”

He concluded that: “Development and Peace does not fund the projects of partners who are in opposition to the teaching of the Church” (see the letter here:

The Archbishop of Regina in Saskatchewan, Daniel Bohan, issued a similar letter to his archdiocese, also on March 23, stating that the LSN reports were “false” and even a “malicious attack.”

“Over the past few days the integrity of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and peace has been called into question by accusations published by the website ‘LifeSite News,'” wrote Archbishop Bohan.

He added: “It is clear in my mind that the statements made by LifeSite news regarding our Church’s Organization for Development and Peace are false. And therefore, as chief Shepherd of our diocesan Church, I find them a malicious attack on this important and sacred work that the Catholic people in Canada do for the poor in the world through Development and Peace.” (see the letter here:

The initial LSN reports on the groups in Mexico have been followed with evidence of D&P funding for abortion and contraception advocacy groups in Bolivia, Brazil, Nigeria, Benin, Guinea, Togo, and Haiti. In the coming days LSN will be publishing even more reports on numerous pro-abortion D&P-funded groups in other parts of the world.

Yesterday, Priests for Life Canada acknowledged the LSN reports on D&P as “facts” and called on Canada’s bishops to take action. (see coverage:

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