Tuesday February 23, 2010

Two Dozen Frozen Fetuses Found in Grisly Abortuary Police Raid

By Kathleen Gilbert

PHILADELPHIA, February 23, 2010 ( – State police investigating a Philadelphia abortuary stumbled upon a gruesome discovery last week: over two dozen fetuses in jars preserved in a freezer in the abortionist’s office, according to local reports. Authorities temporarily suspended the abortionist’s license soon after the raid, after discovering clinic conditions they called “deplorable and unsanitary” – including bloodstains on the floor.

State drug agents, as well as FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, commenced the investigation last week at West Philadelphia’s Women’s Medical Society. Various sources are reporting various reasons for why the investigation was launched.

According to FBI spokesman J.J. Klaver, as cited by UPI, officials were acting on a tip that Gosnell was performing illegal late-term abortions. However, law enforcement sources cited by the Philadelphia Inquirer stated that officials were investigating the abortionist on suspicion of illegal distribution of prescription painkillers. While CBS 3, which broke the story, said the investigation was launched in response to a woman’s death during a botched abortion there on November 20.

While the investigation began last Thursday, a subsequent investigation stumbled upon the fetal corpses, some of them killed as long as 30 years ago, displayed in the office of abortionist Kermit Goznell. Those fetuses are being analyzed to determine whether they were killed at a point beyond the legal gestational age for abortion.

Following the investigation, officials issued a suspension order, saying the conditions of the clinic were “deplorable and unsanitary,” reports the Inquirer.

“There was blood on the floor, and parts of aborted fetuses were displayed in jars,” states the order, which called Gosnell’s continued practice of medicine “an immediate and clear danger to the public health and safety.”

Records indicate that Goznell was publicly reprimanded by the state licensing board in 1995 for employing an uncertified assistant who treated at least one patient.

Sources cited by CBS 3 say that in the November abortion death, an unlicensed assistant allegedly administered drugs to a woman who later died during an abortion procedure. The woman’s corpse reportedly contained high levels of a painkilling drug.