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March 19, 2019 (Live Action News) — Rival cosmetics companies, MAC and Benefit, will be teaming up this spring to donate to Planned Parenthood, America's number one provider of abortions. Although both companies have already given to the organization for many years (MAC Cosmetics has given $1.6 million since 2008, according to Forbes), each wants to give millions more.

Planned Parenthood aborts 330,000 babies annually — including children with Down syndrome, like Kate Grant, a model with Down syndrome who was recently hired by Benefit. People with Down Syndrome are frequently targeted for abortion. In Iceland, 99% of babies with Down Syndrome are killed in abortion.

MAC's Viva Glam campaign, which contributes to its HIV/AIDS fund established in 1994, will target $500,000 per year through the sale of a special lipstick shade for the next two years to contribute to Planned Parenthood's “chat/text program,” especially its new online chatbot called Roo, which targets 13- to 17-year-olds with information about “safe” sex and abortion.

Benefits Cosmetics' initiative, called Bold is Beautiful, seeks to “empower women and girls” through “reproductive health care.” Every May, Benefit gives 100% of its brow waxing fees to the fund, which this year will go to Planned Parenthood. Benefit has a stated goal of raising the $6 million for the abortion giant. It will also sell a special product, and the proceeds will be given to the abortion business.

The response on Twitter was glowing from pro-abortion advocates. Leana Wen hailed the move by posting a selfie with MAC brand ambassadors: “Their amazing support will help advance our mission to provide sexual & reproductive healthcare & sex education to people across the country — no matter what.” “Your next MAC and Benefit Cosmetics splurge can benefit @PPFA!” said InStyle and other lifestyle publications. Pro-life advocates also voiced their thoughts. “Because when I buy lipstick, obviously I want to know that some of the proceeds are going to kill babies,” tweeted one user. “I'm never buying any of your products then. PP doesn't truly care about women,” said Micaiah Bilger, referencing how Planned Parenthood treats pregnant employees.

The cosmetics industry is experiencing a major boom at the moment. Beauty lovers who support life are encouraged to speak with their dollars at their next cosmetics purchase.

Published with permission from Live Action News.