BEIJING, Feb 7 (LifeSiteNews) – Demographers are issuing stringent warnings that China’s population is headed for upheaval.  The one-child “family planning” regime initiated 20 years ago has led to a dangerous situation in which far more boys are being born than girls. The problems will become severe over the next 10 years as those many men without wives reach marriage age.  The Straits Times of Singapore reported last Tuesday that Chinese State officials are especially concerned about the countryside where the ratio of boys to girls is as skewed as eight to two.

Last November LifeSite News quoted a Fides agency report on demographic trends indicating that “in the year 2000, 70 million men aged 25-49 will have to remain bachelors.” The phenomenon has led to the selling of wives, with over 19,000 cases examined and more than 60,000 people involved and arrested in 1999.  LifeSite reported that as late as last October Chinese officials were still vowing to continue the draconian one-child policy. Professor Lin Fuda, of the People’s University, said that “if the Government manages to exercise tight   control on population growth, China might still be able to be self-sufficient in grain and food supply by (2031).”

See the Straits Times report.

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