WINNIPEG, July 27, 2001 ( – Two women who opted to pay for abortions at a private clinic rather than have their children aborted for free at a hospital are now suing the province for only paying for abortions in hospitals. The women, who cannot be named due to a court order, are being represented by Winnipeg lawyer Robert Tapper. The Winnipeg Sun reports that one of the women is a Winnipeg nurse who had an abortion at the Morgentaler Clinic in 1994. The other woman had an abortion at the same clinic in April 2001.

Maria Slykerman, President of Campaign Life Coalition Manitoba, told LifeSite that the timing of the lawsuit is suspicious since it comes in the middle of a campaign by abortionist Henry Morgentaler to have his abortuaries funded. “It seems Morgentaler is behind the whole thing,” said Slykerman. She noted that Jane Doe no 1 in the case had her abortion in 1994 and is only choosing to come forward at this late date.

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